Thursday, 31 January 2013

January In Review

Wow january has finally come to an end. Just like yesterday we all shared all the happy new years and all the celebrations and of course not forgetting all the "New Year Resolutions".
Hmmmm Resolutions!Resolutions!Resolutions! And how are we getting on with those decisions/plans/changes we have decided to make this year, be it our exercise and fitness plans, our eating habits/dieting requirements, that job change/role change, changes to our attitudes/habits/relationships or even if  you have got social plans in place like myself lol! Yea trust me those social plans are really necessary. There should be a balance to life. But like I mentioned in my first write up for the year, take baby steps as well as daily changes and you will definitely have a significant change in the long run. That is why I deemed it necessary to review the month and not wait for the end of the year to do that. Matter of fact, if we wait for the end of the year, that means 12 months would have virtually passed by and we cant change what is past, but if we have monthly reviews then there is more opportunity of making the subsequent months better.
However having a positive mindset is one of the keys to achieving our dreams this year, the bible says "all things are possible to him that believes".You may not have hit the ground running in january, but dont beat yourself so much, a lot can happen in a year like a friend always said to me.
And this year, lets all believe great things are going to happen, but for great things to happen, there is great work to be done. Yes!
  So cultivate the right attitude, Martin Luther says "there is so much to be done, that I spend so much time praying". Taking  directives from the one who knows tomorrow, will save us from the heartache of  trials and errors.
 Work hard! yes hardwork dosent kill, like my dad fondly says. Most times we expend our energy, criticising or reading gossip columns about individuals who have/are working hard. We look at some musicians and say things like "Beyonce belongs to a weird sect bla bla bla", the truth is that I dont really care so much what they belong to, if anyone makes a choice, they live with it, easy peasy. But I see how hard they work and I am inspired by this. Even in pregnancy, post natal trainings/ auditions its just amazing. I think we should take cue from this lets work really hard, have outlined schedules, make a list of short/medium/long term goals and have clear and simplified  plans of  achieving our dreams, and above all lets not forget that the plans belong to man, but God decides what prevails.
"The race is not to the swift, or the battle to the strong, but time and chance happen to them all".
In all, wisdom is the principal thing, and the ability to prioritise what should be at the top of our scale of preference to what should be least, is the key to self fulfillment.
    I strongly believe its only God who blesses all that we do, and as we continue in the months ahead, may we enjoy His blessings, even as we make conscious efforts to do His will.
                            *THINK LONGTERM*--ELLY

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Love as much as you can....

I always say that the meaning of the word love, has really been watered down. But I look at the cross and I see the shame, suffering, pain, agony that was no fault of His own. But the bible says He endured it all, just for my sake. How much are we willing to bear with the shortcomings of others, how much are we willing to tolerate, how much of ourselves and our time are we willing to give for others? Till we truly come to grips with the real meaning of love, this world we live in wont be a better place. As I rode back from dropping my parents off at the airport, I couldnt help but think of the reality of not having them around one of these days which is definitely not in the near future, and I made a reassuring promise to my self which I made quite some time ago, to love these folks, as long as I can, and with all that I have as God gives me the strength. And come to think of it, how will the world be, if we all made a genuine decision to love as many as come our way without any strings attached just for the sake of the command to "love one another". And as I reminisced on this, a song my mum usually sang to me whenever she called over the phone began to play, and how emotional this was. Love today! Cos you are not certain of Tomorrow< Yes!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Gods good Timing....

                                           God will always give what is right
                                          to his people who cry to him night and day,
                                          and  he will not be slow to answer them.
                                          Luke 18:7

Why does God wait until the money is gone?
Why does He wait until the sickness has lingered?
Why does He choose to wait until the other side of the grave,
to answer the prayers for healing?
I dont know. I only know His timing is always right.
I can only say He will do what is best.....
Though you hear nothing, He is speaking
Though you see nothing, He is acting.
With God there are no accidents.
Every incident is intended to bring us closer to Him

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Beauty! Brains! & Hardwork!

For many of us, looking good is serious business. However some are not just contempt at looking beautiful, but have thought outside the box, and have decided to be responsible for the beauty of others. A womans hair is surely her crown/her glory and in todays world tells a lot about her even before she opens her mouth to speak wisdom or folly. Yes! And if you doubt me, try walking down the streets on any part of the world with ur hair bleached in provocative colours and trust me you wouldnt ask for the attention, the stares would come involuntarily lol! 
        However Siyonna Hair, has brought the smile to the faces of many ladies with its superiority,availability, affordability as well as its unique style and having a wide range of options. It has proved to be the one stop solution for many ladies and is dominating not just the Federal capital territory of Nigeria(Abuja) but beyond its shores as well. The CEO who is well travelled and can identify with the needs of various ladies, makes sure the products are sourced from the right source.
   This blog aims to inspire as many as possible into self development in all ramifications and will continually applaud hardwork. Growing up my dad constantly reminded me that hardwork never kills and I have grown to not just believe it, but experience it. And oh! how sweet the rewards  are.(smiles)
  Siyonna Hair boasts to provide the best of indian, peruvian, brazilian and all types of contemporary human extensions. To order yours the digits are 234 8170 443 473


Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I guess we should start the year right and what better way than managing our finances.
UCB( united Christian Broadcasters) is just amazing. they really change lives for good. i recommend them as a must read devotional for every household. Yes! I ve been richly blessed.

Enjoy the read...

 ‘I will give you…right desires EZEKIEL 36:26

The Millionaire Next Door’ is a bestselling book about two people living on the same street, in comparable homes, working at similar jobs. But by age fifty, one is financially secure while the other is drowning in debt. Their problem isn’t money; it’s unwillingness to defer gratification. We want what we want now! Many times we associate happiness with spending, so when we feel down we go shopping. Think about it: When you got your last bonus or tax refund, was your first thought— ‘What can I buy?’ Be honest! Paul says, ‘Do not conform to…this [world’s value system]…be transformed by…renewing your mind…’ (Romans 12:2 NIV). When it comes to money, you must ask God to give you ‘right desires’. Robert Orben said, ‘Every morning I read the Forbes magazine list of the richest people in America and if my name isn't on it, I get up and go to work!’ The Bible says, ‘Do not despise…small beginnings…’ (Zechariah 4:10 NLT). Big things are a culmination of small ones. So: Give God the first tenth of your income, save 10 percent, and live on the rest (Proverbs 3:9). As your earnings grow, invest 50 percent of the increase in a ‘financial freedom account’. Once you stop spending every penny you earn and start saving, an interesting dynamic comes into play. The act of disciplining yourself to save even modest amounts will empower you financially, spiritually and emotionally. One theologian said, ‘Self-respect is the root of discipline. Your sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to yourself.’ In addition to helping you achieve financial freedom, self-control enriches every area of your life.

Dont miss Gods Answer

Is anything too hard for the Lord? No! Gen18:14

   The God of suprises strikes again....God does that for the faithful.
   Just when the womb gets too old for babies, Sarai gets pregnant.
   Just when the failure is too great for grace, David is pardoned....
   The lesson? Three words. Dont give up....
   Is the road long? Dont stop.
   Is the night black? Dont quit.
   God is watching. For all you  know right at this moment.....
   The cheque may be in the mail,
   The apology may be in the making,
   The job contract may be on the desk.
   Dont quit. For if you do, you may miss the answer to your prayers.
                                                         He still moves stones

Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Power of Prayer and Fasting; I listened to this lady and I just love her

Five surprisingly healthy foods

Everyday foods with surprising health benefits

Some foods’ health benefits are shouted from the roof tops and make us feel smug every time we munch on them
Everyday foods such as green tea, chillies and chocolate have well-documented health benefits but there are some lesser-known healthy foods that haven’t had the praise they deserve.

Until now. Here are five unlikely foods and drinks that can benefit health, when eaten as part of a balanced diet. Did you know about them?

This fluffy snack has a lot more to offer than just something to nibble on at the cinema.

We’ve known for a while that popcorn is low in calories, but scientists have found some other benefits to eating it. Joe Vinson and his team from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania found that popcorn contains concentrated levels of antioxidants, due to its low water content.

However, popcorn toppings can contain hidden calories. Researchers stated that air-popped popcorn had the lowest calories, while microwave popcorn contained twice as many, and as much as 43 per cent fat. To get the most out of popcorn, go for the air-popped varieties without lots of salt, sugar or toffee glaze.

Black Tea
Up until recently, green tea seemed to get all the ‘health’ headlines. But drinking black tea can also benefit your health too.

In one Iranian study, researchers found that participants who drank more than three cups of black tea daily had a 70 per cent lower risk of coronary artery disease. And a study carried out in the Netherlands found that just two servings of black tea per day improved brain function and focused attention. Better get the kettle on, then.


It’s refreshing, it wakes you up and too much of it might give you the shakes. But a 2012 study found that coffee could also help protect against certain forms of cancer.

The 26-year study found those who drank four or more cups of coffee each day were 50 per cent less likely to die from mouth or throat cancers. The researchers concluded by saying, ‘there may be beneficial effects to coffee, particularly caffeinated coffee and its daily enjoyment.’


But that’s not all. A joint study by the University of South Florida and the University of Miami found a link between drinking coffee and the onset of Alzheimer’s.

‘We are not saying that moderate coffee consumption will completely protect people from Alzheimer’s disease,’ lead author of the study Chuanhai Cao said, ‘however we firmly believe that moderate coffee consumption can appreciably reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s or delay its onset.’

For a long time, eggs tended to get a bad got a bad rep because of worries over cholesterol. But health experts now agree that it’s saturated fat intake and not dietary cholesterol which we should watch for a healthy heart.

Eggs contain many vitamins and minerals that are essential to health, including folate, calcium, iron and selenium. They also help you feel fuller for longer and contain choline - important for memory and brain function, as well as helping to maintain a healthy liver.

In 2011, researchers at Copenhagen University studied the effects of a cheese-rich diet on levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol. They found that when people ate a set (but regular) amount of cheese for six weeks, their LDL cholesterol levels did not increase, and actually lowered when they switched from a butter-rich diet to eating cheese.


Researchers think that because cheese contains high levels of protein and calcium, our bodies find it easier to break down the cholesterol.

But, unfortunately, this isn’t an excuse to suddenly eat lots of cheese - participants ate cheese instead of other fats in their diet, and not to excess. It’s worth remembering that it is still a fatty food, and should be eaten in moderation.

Build according to the plan

‘…Bring Me an offering…’

When it came time to build the Old Testament tabernacle, God said to Moses, ‘Do all things according to the pattern which I showed you’ (Exodus 25:40). Whether you’re building a relationship, a career, a business or a ministry, it will always require several elements: Sacrifice - the building of the tabernacle begins with these words: ‘Speak to the children of Israel, that they bring Me an offering. From everyone who gives it willingly with his heart you shall take My offering.’ Question: why would a God who is rich enough to pave His streets with gold, ask you for an offering? Because only when you have a personal investment in something, will you give it your full attention, treasure it, prioritise it and protect it. Pastor, ask the Lord for the plan, then ask the people for the money, not vice versa. Teach your people to live by this principle: ‘Give till it hurts, give till it stops hurting, give till it feels good.’ Paul wrote about the generosity of the Christians in Macedonia: ‘They are being tested by many troubles, and they are very poor. But they are also filled with abundant joy, which has overflowed in rich generosity. For I can testify that they gave not only what they could afford, but far more and they did it of their own free will. They begged us again and again for the privilege of sharing…They even did more than we had hoped, for their first action was to give themselves to the Lord and to us, just as God wanted them to do’ (2 Corinthians 8:2-5 NLT). So, are you willing to sacrifice?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Trusting the Lord..

They that put their trust in men, are already cursed. Jer17:5. Its folly to nurse the thought of trusting a fellow man, who is fallible, whose heart also has the tendency to be deceitful(jer17:9) and who has also fallen short of Gods glory and most times even an uncircumcised philistine. Little wonder we keep lamenting, and retelling our disappointments, because we tend to seek for help, where thers no help.
Gods word says in Isa40:31, that  they that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength. But waiting here is relative as Hes timing is not same with ours. Now the question is how long have you waited and how long are you still willing to wait? and under what circumstance? Joseph remained steadfast in prison, as well as Paul and Silas. John the Baptist however complained and even wondered if Jesus was who he really said he is, as  was clearly seen in his message"Are you really the messiah or should we expect another"? But the reality is that the ability to wait is synonymous with the ability to trust.
we can only seek help from one we trust and only when we trust God without an iota of doubt can we patiently wait for Him to see us through.(ps7:1,ps25:2,Ecc1:9, ps57:1, Lam3:24)
      We live in a world, where the government, family, friends and even the church has failed. The constant uprising in killings, wickedness, disappointments, divorces, cold murders and unthinkable crimes are all pointers to the decline of humanity/human sensitivity. But  amidst  the unrest, only our trust/dependence on God will keep us.
  Riches will fail, Solomon confirmed this, persecution should not be a determining factor on our trust in God, as even the disciples and the people of old trusted in the face of severe difficulty/tribulation.
Today we are encouraged, in His word to trust in Him and as we trust, He will surely direct our paths.
From experience I know He always shows up and most times in the most amazing ways. YES!
Remeber He will keep in perfect peace him whose heart is stayed on Him because he trusts in Him. Isa26:3

Monday, 14 January 2013

Thinking of you!

Heaven knows no difference between sunday morning and wednesday afternoon. God longs to speak as clearly in the workplace as he does in the sanctuary. He longs to be worshipped when we sit at dinner table and not just when we come to his communion table. You may go days without thinking of him, but theres never a moment hes not thinking of you.
      Knowing this, we understand pauls rigorous goal: We capture every thought and make it give up and obey Christ(2cor10:5). We can fathom why he asks us to pray without ceasing(1Thess5:17)"be constant in prayer"(Rom12:12)... and "let heaven fill your thoughts"(col4:2)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Savour it Slowly!!

I like chocolate candies a lot. Most of the time I have to eat 3 candies to be totally pleased. But recently I noticed that if after two candies I take a 10-15 min pause, I have significantly less or even no desire at all to eat the third one. I started wondering why this happens and began my research, which turned into learning the effects of slow eating.
The most prominent benefit of eating slowly is reduced intake of food and, therefore, weight loss, which has its own numerous beneficial effects. Other positive moments of slow eating include:
1 First of all - It can't hurt you!
Slow eating rate doesn't have any negative effects on your health, but can bring you a number of benefits without extra cost.

Interesting facts
  • Men usually eat significantly faster than women.
  • Eating less and more than needed on alternate days prolongs life 
  • The benefit of frequent small meals ('nibbling') rather than few large ones ('gorging') for control of blood glucose and body fat growth has been known for more than 60 years, but the mechanisms are poorly understood.
2 Appetite reduction
Eating slowly gradually reduces the appetite from the time you begin to eat. It takes the brain about 15-20 minutes to start signaling feelings of fullness. And if you have no appetite, you end up eating less.

3 Portion control
Guide to Behavior Change National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
4 Weight control
Points #2 and #3 turn into staving off extra pounds. Portion size and eating speed seem to be the part of the reason of famous "French paradox" -- the relatively low incidence of heart disease and overweight in France as compared to the United States, despite the generally high intake of calorie-rich and fatty foods. It is well documented that the French take longer to eat than Americans despite French eat smaller portions. Recently Japanese researches found strong positive correlation between rate of eating and body mass index (BMI) and obesity
5 Digestion
It is well known that digestion begins in the mouth, where the saliva is mixed with the food and starts to break it down into smaller chemicals that can be absorbed and nourish the body. Chewing thoroughly promotes smooth, complete digestion. Basically the slower you eat the faster and more efficiently you metabolize the food. When food is swallowed whole it makes it more difficult for the body to absorb all the important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
6 Taste and enjoy your food!
When you eat slowly, you end up tasting your food more. Eating slowly lets you experience more of the flavors, textures and smells of what you eat. Your food will become more interesting. And again, French experience. They focus more on the impression and less on the health effects of eating.
7 Quality versus Quantity
Slow eating may become a small step to a more healthy diet. If you won't like what you eat when you eat it slowly, probably the next time you will choose something of a better quality and enjoy the pleasures of good food. Fast eaters are more prone to consume "junk" and "fast" foods.
8 Insulin resistance
Japanese researches found that eating fast is associated with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a silent condition that increases the chances of developing diabetes and heart disease. Also, fast eating seems to be a risk factor for the metabolic syndrome (combination of the symptoms such as high blood pressure, obesity, and insulin resistance).
9 Heartburn & Gastroesophageal reflux
Rapid eating may cause acid reflux . It may be especially true for people suffering from GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease).

Friday, 11 January 2013

Heels were definitely made by men! Ladies becareful lol!

Dangers of wearing high heels,
Looking good is definitely serious business for me, but should we be doing this at the expense of our health/well being?
Biomechanists at the University of Queensland discover the dangerous effects wearing high heels day after day may have on women.
Do you find high heels uncomfortable but inevitable when it comes to your wardrobe? Many women strap them on to look and feel sexy, professional, or to boost confidence. In reality, while your shoes might be beautiful and hard to resist, researchers point to some side effects that come about from wearing high heels regularly.


In his study, Dr Neil Cronin and his team decided to examine the gait of regular heel wearers compared to non-wearers. Up till now, very little, if any research has been done on this topic, and there is a bit of skepticism and controversy over whether or not wearing heels does any damage at all to a wearers musculo-skeletal structure. Recruiting ten non-wearers and nine regular heel wearers (40 + hours per week), clear gait and biomechanical differences became evident.

Each group was asked to walk up and down a 26 foot-long platform which measures pressure and force. They were also all fixed with electrode sensors to pick up muscle activity at different locations along the calf muscle and leg. They were also hooked up to motion sensors to track their gait. The non-wearers walked barefoot, ten times up and down the platform. The heel-wearers walked both in their own favorite heels and barefoot, along the platform ten times each. All this data proved that the heel wearers most definitely had developed a different gait and muscle/ tendon structure from heels.

What does the research all mean?

The findings revealed that high heels caused a change in the way that the muscles and tendons worked together while walking. Normally, a tendon stretches and shortens, making walking easy on the muscles of the calf. However, heels wearing caused the tendons- and especially the achiles tendon to shorten, leaving the strain on the muscles of the calf to do all the work. Strides were also more forceful and shorter in these women, even without heels on. The researchers concluded that in a short amount of time, the body quickly adapts to wearing high heels as the new 'normal' for walking, and can cause permanent changes to the tendons and to the biomechanics of walking.

Researchers also point out their subjects averaged 25 years of age, and the effects of regular heel wearing is already evident in them, showing that it does not take decades before permanent changes take place. With the new norm in regular heel wearing women's lower legs, it becomes dangerous to put on different types of shoes, for example, running shoes at the gym. Injuries become far more likely when footware is changed completely because the structures of the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons have been trained to function in a specific manner with heels.

There are several other problems that arise from wearing heels regularly, that are indisputable. With each inch added to a heel, greater problems can arise. There are also ways to wear heels more safely...

Can We Wear High Heels Safely

High heels were definitely created by a man. We know they weren't created by a woman, because they are definitely not comfortable or functional (try running to catch the bus!). However, this also tells us what they were designed for. To make a women look more attractive to men. Elongating the legs, making the calves appear more shapely and changing the center of gravity from the heel to the ball of the feet to force the butt and chest out for balance.


While all of these things are pleasing for guys, women enjoy fitting into this beauty norm as well. Matching a pair of heels to your new office outfit can be fun, but sometimes a challenge. As the center of gravity moves forward to the ball of the feet, the pressure on the feet can be painful after a few hours. More serious effects begin to occur over time. Besides the changing of the gait and tendon lengths, there is more wear and tear on the joints.

The knees, hips and back take a real beating when it comes to wearing heels. Because of the altered position, all of these joints are forced into awkward and unnatural positions. The cartilage between bones can start to wear down over time. This can cause joint pain, and is a precursor to arthritis.

Wear Heels Safely

To avoid any serious damage, its a good idea to start looking for lower heels. At about 2 inches, heels are both safe and comfy, a compromise for both fashion and health.

Here are a few other ways you can try to wear heels in safe ways:

  • Wear soft insoles in your heels to get a little more support and cushioning for the foot and heel.
  • Only use high heels on days when you have little walking to do, and few high energy activities to get to. Rushing around in heels can become uncomfortable very quickly.
  • Use high heels for special occasions rather than on a regular or daily basis. Using them less frequently will reduce the long term effects of high heels.
  • Walk correctly in heels. Rather than stepping with the toe first, or striking the ground with the heel and toe at the same time, step heel to toe as you would if walking in any other shoes.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

How Bad Is the Cholesterol in Shrimp?


If you are a lover of prawns like myself, you may not be happy with the news I am about to bring, that is only if you dont know already. During one of my christmas dinners at my aunts who is very health conscious, I was enjoying my veggies and loving the prawns and talking about how often I cooked them, before she called my attention to the cholestrol levels in them, trust me I took it with a pinch of salt, but since I ve become very keen to learn and accept peoples views, I decided to do a research on it and I was amazed at my discovery, so if your a lover of prawns like me, take it easy this year. Read on!.
How Bad Is the Cholesterol in Shrimp?
You may have heard that shrimp is not a healthy food because of its high cholesterol levels. The good news for shrimp lovers is that while shrimp does have a high level of cholesterol, its many health benefits offset the disadvantages of the cholesterol, according to Michael Mogadam, author of "Every Heart Attack Is Preventable."

Cholesterol in Shrimp

Four ounces of shrimp contain 1 g of fat and 165 g of cholesterol, which is 55 percent of the recommended daily allowance of cholesterol for an adult. However, shrimp are low in saturated fat, according to Dr. Mogadam. Saturated fat is the main culprit for raising LDL, or "bad" cholesterol in the bloodstream. As a result, the high level of dietary cholesterol in shrimp may not be dangerous, because it does not raise the blood cholesterol level as significantly as saturated fat.

Nutritional Benefits of Shrimp

In addition to raising the ratio of good to bad cholesterol, shrimp is also low in saturated fat, and it contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which raise HDL, or "good" cholesterol levels. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Shrimp are also a good source of selenium, iodine, iron, zinc, copper and protein. As a result, shrimp's many health benefits more than offset the cholesterol.

How Often to Eat Shrimp

The American Heart Association recommends eating foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids twice a week, but shrimp may not be a good choice for those servings if you are watching your cholesterol. However, if your cholesterol levels are normal, you can eat shrimp on a weekly basis without affecting your LDL levels enough for concern, states Aggie Casey, author of "Mind Your Heart."

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Britain's youngest pilot at 16

A schoolboy has become Britain's youngest pilot at 16, despite being too young to legally drive a car. This goes to show that we can achieve what ever we put our mind too. But the problem with so many is that the mind is occupied with absolutely nothingness if my grammar is right lol! If some were given the £12000, it would be shopping spree all the way. Most times we blame our present circumstances on the economy/government etc. But if the malady of the society is fixed, will our mindset really be in tune for productive ideas? Just yesterday the first ever hand transplant was carried out on Mark Cahill in Britain too. This year, aim to really invest in yourself and add some relevance to your immediate environment and remember its never too early or too late, to make a difference. Yes!

Although Jack can fly solo across England he won't be able to pick up his official license until he turns 17 on July 9 2009.

Jack Dopson passed the aviation exams in just three months, which is seven less than it takes most people.
The teenager took his first flying lesson less than a week after finishing his GCSE exams and six days before his 16th birthday.
Now, after 12 weeks, seven exams and 60 hours of flying time, he has earned his wings and gained a Private Pilot's License (PPL).
He is now allowed to fly solo across the UK in a £90,000 Cessna plane - but will have to wait until he turns 17 next July before he can get behind the wheel of a car.
Jack, who lives in North Chailey, in East Sussex, said he owed his success to his uncle who paid the £12,000 tuition fees.
Jack said: "It's quite an amazing feeling to be able to get in a plane and head up into the clouds.
"It's really cool because I can't even drive yet. Most people in school are pretty impressed and keep asking me to take them to France for a weekend.
"I can't believe I'm the youngest ever pilot. I couldn't have done it without the help of my family, especially my uncle."
Jack's love of flying began as a boy and developed in his early teens after he took to the skies with his uncle Fred Bosche, 48, who has his own Piper Cherokee plane.
Jack is now studying Maths, Physics, Computing and Business Studies A-Levels at Haywards Heath College, Sussex.

11 riskiest foods

Safe handling and cooking of food are highly recommended and significantly cuts the risks, but won't guarantee that you'll always avoid contamination

It's important to cook chicken thoroughly to kill bacteria © RexPoultry and meat
Raw poultry and meat may contain harmful bacteria, including salmonella, listeria, campylobacteria, and E. coli. Thorough cooking kills these pathogens. Be careful not to cross-contaminate other items in the fridge, sink, or on the countertop.
Leafy greens
Lettuce and other leafy greens are super healthy but also susceptible to contamination through improper processing or handling. Most of the bacteria are in the outer leaves, discard and rinse the rest a few times. Bagged salad should also be washed.
Eggs can be contaminated with salmonella. Store in the fridge and cook thoroughly before eating. Avoid raw or runny eggs.
Raw tuna that is not properly refrigerated can cause poisoning from a substance that develops in decaying flesh called scrombotoxin. Symptoms include: headache, cramps, nausea, and loss of vision. Cooking does not destroy the contaminant.

Raw oysters may be infected with norovirus, which causes gastroenteritis, or vibrio, a dangerous bacterium related to cholera.
Food poisoning linked to this popular vegetable is often caused by dishes like potato salad that are improperly refrigerated. Potatoes can also be contaminated during agricultural processing. Scrub well and cook thoroughly.
Ice cream
Outbreaks of food poisoning can occur when pasteurised milk is cross-contaminated with under- or unpasteurised milk. Soft ice cream machines that aren't regularly cleaned may also harbour bacteria.

Cheese can become contaminated during processing, but the greatest danger comes from eating cheese made from unpasteurised milk. Raw cheese may carry listeria, a pathogen that is particularly dangerous for pregnant women.
Salmonella can live in the raw fruit, but multiply when tomatoes are cut and left in a warm environment. Store items like fresh salsa in the fridge.
The warm, moist conditions that are ideal for growing beansprouts are also great for cultivating bacteria. It’s recommended that children, the elderly, and anyone with a compromised immune system avoid consuming raw beansprouts.
Most cases of illnesses associated with berries occur from fruit that is contaminated by sick farm workers or exposed to dirty water. Rinse berries thoroughly and find trusted local source for in season fruit.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

A New Year, But The Same You??

I was actually at work on the last day of the year, and as I spoke to several individuals, they couldn't wait for the new year to come, many complained of the woes they had in 2012, and a couple others expressed their expectations in the coming year. However what really beat my imagination was the way most individuals seemed to believe that with the coming of the new year, their problems will suddenly/magically come to an abrupt end. But the reality of it all is that, Nothing changes with a new year, but with a new attitude there is always a new beginning...The years don't come with good or bad tidings by default but its what we put into that the year that the harvest brings back to us. We are talking about investments that last. Be it in a career/ministry/relationship/fiances/health etc. Because at the end of the day when we take stock of our lives and especially the time gone by, the only thing we remember and regret continually, is what we didn't do, or what we could have done better. So today what decisions are you making to ensure you make the most of the year? Remember don't make a permanent decision, based on a temporary situation and please don't go hard on those resolutions cause you know what? by the 3rd day you will be back to status quo. We seem to run with the acceptable norm and join everyone in making resolutions, but how far have we come/what has been achieved with all the resolutions? Take baby steps as well as daily steps to bring about a lasting change. We all want to make big impacts but the reality is, to make a lasting impact start with a life! Yes! And start with your life, the significance your life will have on the people around you is incomprehensible. Never ever doubt the value of your own significance, because you are here for a reason. If there is a decision, we all must make, it is the decision to be the best at what we do. Regardless of what we do, who we do it for, who gets the credit, who sees us and all the done with the right motives. In all, do remember that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but time and chance happen to them all. If God does not bless a mans labour, there is little he can ever achieve. Key focus, lets return to the ONE who was before us, is now and already in the future, and attain the wisdom we need to gain fulfillment. Have a fulfilled year.

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