Friday, 29 March 2013


Failures sometimes occur when life presents questions and we lack the answers. "Creativity however is allowing yourself to make mistakes, Art is knowing which ones to keep"-SCOTT ADAMS. Sometimes however the impact of the mistakes we make live with us for the rest of our lives. However we see in parts and we can hardly predict the future, Albert Einstein however said "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious" but the excitement of the mysterious I say might get you started but it wont keep you going. Most times all we feel like having is the blue print, little wonder when the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon and gave him the prophecy, he asked for clear cut proof,(judges 6:16-23) that the prophecy was real. But when we feel like we are between the devil and the deep sea, lets recall that God is already in our tomorrow and put our trust in Him as we seek Him for direction. Heb13:8 says He's the same today, tomorrow and forever. Lets put out trust in God and we will surely reach our destination.

Monday, 25 March 2013


‘We have this treasure in earthen vessels…’
2 Corinthians 4:7

Vivabella......... The "Belleza" In Your Space.

The beauty of life is not in the big things we do, but in the little things we do differently...Elly. Vivabella designs..... Inspired by beauty ...
Ellyeleanor blog, Is borne out of passion to inspire a generation where shallowness is the order of the day, to discover their purpose in God and impact positively on their immediate environment by our regular daily lives. Its against this backdrop, that I continually applaud individuals who are doing great jobs, be it either by the way lives are improved by the works they do, the charities they support, the lives they positively influence etc.
Previously I have brought to you Urez culture and Siyonna hair and today I proudly introduce you to Vivabella designs. The CEO is a young beautiful and I must say really creative lady I have known from my high school days and can beat my chest and say she knows her onus when it comes to the work she does, which she is extremely passionate about. Here are some of her works....

And in her words..."  @ vivabella designs, we don't just focus on profit, but on the value we can add to your life.
We focus on a good sleep(with the use of our soft sheets); we focus on your smile/ happiness(when u come into your home+ office); we focus on your comfort(which all our pieces of furniture brings to your space); we focus on your peace of mind( which comes from ordering with us)"

Life is for the Living, bring out the "belleza" in your space and make that home happier to return to and office space more interesting in order to achieve productivity.
Call vivabella today on +234 08033272728 0r 08169000005.View more designs too on  their facebook pageVivabella Designs LTD 
International delivery also available

Character Update....Persistence + Consistence=Actualization.

Yea I have been loyal to the blackberry hub for a while, not because I love it so much but simply because I am not as technology savvy as most of you, and trust me the ads must really be top-notch to gain my attention and even there after it wears off as quickly as it got my attention lol!
Recently however, I updated/upgraded to the android phone as well as a windows 8 really lovely HP laptop, and its been a beautiful/fast experience and I really do give it to them, improvement in technology is here to make life better most of the time.
All the same, everyone wants an upgrade/update of some sort, some folks are really trailing the latest inventions/fashion, be it the cars, phones, clothes, jewellery and you name it, theres always something to want. It may surprise you to know that I was having a conversation with a friend at some point and as she described an individual she goes" Yea he ticks the address box". This made me burst out in a mixture of laughter and astonishment and all I imagine is seriously we cant be this shallow. In essence all I am trying to say is that in order to live up to peoples expectations most times, we even have the urgent urge to update our postcodes/zip codes/locations etc.
Don't get me wrong, life is beautiful and if you can comfortably afford the good things of life(note the word there is COMFORTABLY) without getting yourself into debt or your conscience damped then go for it people!
But how often do we get our character/attitudes updated? I hear some people say "that's the way I am and I cant change"?? Did I hear rightly? even animals have been groomed to act better and more intelligibly, it still beats my imagination that there are special dogs trained to detect heart attacks and warn the sufferers/ even place a dial and how can a higher being adamantly refuse change? You know why? Because change is difficult and requires a great deal of work and we will rather just go with the easier option than enforce this change. In the book of 1sam 10:9, the bible says that as Saul turned to leave, God changed his heart.  Yes it all starts with the heart, because our character is a product of largely the content of our heart/background/and experiences but you know what? The tax collector(Zacchaeus) got changed, the prostitute got transformed and even David said the only way a young man can cleanse His way is by taking heed to the word of God. James 4:8 says if we draw near to God, He draws near to us.
Developing the right character is a lifetime process, we never get there, but the more we try the better we become by His grace. It starts however with identifying the habits that need updating, and developing ways of bringing about this change daily. I always say take baby steps as well as daily steps.
Persistence + Consistence=Actualization.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Ellys Thoughts....

"It is a noble thing when a man can make provisions for his family so that a second income is not needed. But that's no reason to pat yourself on the back, you are only doing what you are supposed to do. It is important also for you to involve your wife in decision-making process so that she feels she is a contributing partner and not controlled person. Do this and your wife will be much happier and much easier to live with."

"Women are planners and thinkers, and they are analytical and detailed about everything that they do. Men look at the big picture, while women look at the whole picture. A man will see what he is shown, but a woman will see whats actually there. That is their nature, and as far as I can tell from my knowledge and experience with women, I don't think they are going to change"-Carlos Malone

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ellys Thoughts....

I walked into the office and in my regular style, I had my earphones listening to the gospels that lift my soul every morning as I prayerfully make my way to my desk, with a bright lovely smile that radiates my face for all who know me. Frowning is not in my DNA lol! It dosent mean I cant frown hehehe, but sincerely its not something I can do for too long.Ten minutes maximum and the frown has turned into another smile. I know some of you are wondering what a lovely girl!Dont be deceived, I am not as easy as I sound lol! But today however, as I get to my desk, exchanging all the pleasantries with colleagues and logging on to my work station, I take the earphones off my ears and detach them from my ipod, for everyone to listen to what I am listening to and the effect was amazing. Heres a colleague" O Elly I love listening to gospels, if we could have music playing through the day,it would be quite uplifting". And the next person says "O Elly which artiste is that?" And then here comes my manager and hes astonished, and I go "Yea we are starting the day on a different note today" lol! In essence the bible says Light cannot be hidden,it just shines, salt is there for flavour likewise. As children of God, we are called to be the salt and light of the earth and you can only be either the salt or light, when you have found the confidence that comes from a deep relationship with God, not one that is borne out of mere rituals, but out of a deep inexplicable relationship with God. When I fell in love,I didnt need any prompting to call, send msgs, send cards, just listening to my love all day could satisfy me. Time spent meant nothing to me, money spent meant nothing either and even sleep funny enough disappeared at the sound of his voice. Likewise, when we fall in love, with this God who loves us more than we even love ourselves, we wouldnt need any prompting, to do His will, study His word or live for Him. Serving God is the best thing that can happen to anyone. We are created for a purpose, dont leave this earth without impacting a life, the clock is ticking! The time is Now! Show me a person comfortable in their own skin! And I will Show you a person who has truly discovered their purpose in God.


I recently viewed this on a friends page and I couldnt help but wonder, the price which we are willing to pay for the sake of looking beautiful.However, this isnt the first time most of us have seen such a video, just like smokers know the last statement of a cigarette advert, and drivers also know the impending danger of drink driving. To cut the long story short, we all know the effect/ source of most of our actions/indulgence but we just carry on and damn the consequences, however when reality sets in, we are first to call for pity parties. I really do love the feel and look of human hair when the extensions are sewn in, but honestly the mere thought of having someone elses real hair on my head, sends chills down my spine, and should for any normal person. Nonetheless, according to Morticia Adams, Normal is an Illusion, What is Normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

I Smile...

As I grow in my walk with God daily, the scriptures begin to make more meaning. I dont throw tantrums like a child, when my prayers are not answered in the way and time I expect, because I know that Hes plans for me are plans for good and not evil, to give me a future and a hope(Jer 29:11)also Hes ways are not my ways, as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are Hes ways above mine.(Isa 55:8-9). But in all, all things surely work together for good, for they that love God(Rom 8:28). So amidst everything going on, I smile because the thought of a God who loves me regardless of how many times I fall is so satisfying. The question for you is; Do You Love God?. Are you willing to submit your will for His, will you sacrifice your time, strength, skill and money for Him? Is it all about what you can get from God or what you can do for God? The Lord surely knows those who are His and he is a rewarder of they that diligently seek Him. Draw near to God today and He will draw near to you(James 4:8)


‘Teach me to do your will, for you are my God...’
Psalms 143:10

Friday, 15 March 2013

Inspired By Passion...

Its amazing, what we can accomplish, when we put our minds to good use, when we rid ourselves of greed and put the less fortunate/others before self. I said earlier, that God has placed us here on earth for various purposes and until we realise this, and walk to fulfill this, we will not have fulfillment in what we try to do or what we achieve. Ife is one lady who is so passionate about Africa on a whole,her passion for conflict resolution, reflects in all she does and even the path she has chosen for her higher degree. I recall listening to her, and what she had to say on the hiroshima bombing and I was quite impressed. She has proven unstoppable and she is still fighting for the good of not just Africa, but suffering children on a whole. Below is a report on her by The Sentinel, hope this inspires you, to discover your God given vision.

'I have seen the 'horrors' of poverty. We have to act now'

BORN in Nigeria and after witnessing a life of poverty first-hand, Ifesinachi Okafor-Yarwood vowed to try to make a difference.
Now the 27-year-old, of Stableford, known as Ife, has approached a North Staffordshire MP in a bid to call on the Government to do more to tackle world famine.​Ifesinachi Okafor-Yarwood wants the UK government to take action on the problem of  starving children across the world.  Picture: Phil Radcliffe
        Ifesinachi Okafor-Yarwood wants the UK government to take action on the problem of starving children across the world. Picture: Phil Radcliffe Stone MP Bill Cash has been very 'receptive' towards the campaign.          ​
Mrs Okafor-Yarwood is a supporter of the Enough Food for Everyone 'IF' campaign, a coalition of more than 100 organisations working together to try to make positive changes to the way people receive food in countries around the world. Current estimates claim some two million children die from starvation around the world each year.
Ife has asked Stone MP Bill Cash to write to the Prime Minister and Chancellor George Osborne to renew their promises to the developing world.
She is also demanding a crack-down on some large companies and corporations whose 'questionable practices' have been known to force African farmers off their land.
Ife said: "First of all the fact that I am African inspired me to take up this cause.
"Also, I volunteer at Oxfam, and they campaign against such issues as land-grabbing and UK companies not paying taxes they owe to developing companies.
"Simply put, there is no need for people to have to donate money for food aid. If this land wasn't being taken from the poor to help fuel developed countries, starvation wouldn't be a concern. Rather than donating, we should try to make sure that the Africans affected keep their land so they can become self-sufficient. It's a much better solution."
Ife admits going to meet Bill Cash to ask him to write to the Government left her a little daunted.
And she was worried that her protests might fall on deaf ears.
However, the Conservative MP, who has worked on many campaigns in Africa – was extremely receptive to her concerns.
"I was surprised by what Bill Cash was like. I'm not Conservative, and although I read about him extensively I didn't know how to approach him," Ife said.
"I thought he might've been dismissive, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. He was very open and receptive. I know he's been active in African issues before – he campaigned passionately against HIV in the continent in the 1980s at the height of the AIDS epidemic – and he seemed to care a lot about this."
Growing up in Nigeria, Ife has witnessed at first hand the inequalities plaguing the African continent.
While she is reluctant to go into details of the trauma she has seen, she confirms it was this background which led her towards her charity work.
She is also studying for a masters degree in international relations at Kings College in London, dividing her time between North Staffordshire and the capital.
"I used to live in Nigeria until 2007 and I've seen this first hand. It's an injustice that's happening all over. 10,000 people lost their land in Ethiopia last year.
"I didn't want to do nothing while millions of people go hungry. That's why I got involved in the IF campaign.
"George Osborne's Budget will contain decisions about how our country's money is spent, and it can help lay the foundations for a world free from hunger.
"I'm happy I've had my say on how the budget should be used to transform lives and build a better future, and I would encourage others to do the same."
Now Ife is encouraging anybody who shares her beliefs to come forward and join the campaign.
"We will keep on writing about this issue," she said.
"There are a lot of young people out there who are passionate about this issue and we'd love to get them involved.
"The message is that there's plenty of food to go around in this world, and I'm sure that's a sentiment everyone can agree with.
"While I agree that charities should help, if this land-grabbing wasn't happening they wouldn't have to – it doesn't have to be this way."
Max Lawson, a spokesman for the IF campaign, said that although Britain has a great track record of helping the needy, more needs to be done to help get the world's poorest nations back on their feet.
He said: "Our Government should match the generous spirit of the British people and continue the progress already made, saving lives and reducing poverty – we could be the generation to stop hunger."
To get involved in the IF Campaign join them at or contact Ife at
                                                     culled from The Sentinel;Staffordshire

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


‘…If you would believe you would see the glory of God.’
John 11:40
In the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, you’ll notice three important principles: 1) Mary and Martha had a close relationship with Jesus before the crisis arose. When Jesus came to town, He stayed at their home and ate at their table. They were givers, not takers. You can’t refuse to give God a minute of your time, an ounce of your energy or a penny of your money, then when trouble comes, say, ‘Lord, why did You let this happen?’ Jesus said, ‘If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you’ (John 15:7 NKJV). 2) Having a relationship with Jesus doesn’t mean you won’t have trouble. But it does mean that you can go to Him with confidence in times of trouble. Yes, you must pay attention to your career and your family, but you must also pay attention to the most important relationship of all—the one you have with the Lord. ‘…If our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God and receive from him anything we ask, because we obey his commands and do what pleases him’ (1John 3:21-22 NIV). 3) When you bring Jesus into the situation, He will change it. Lazarus was already dead and buried by the time Jesus got there. Humanly speaking, it was hopeless. But in moments like these God asks you, ‘…Is there anything too hard for Me?’ (Jeremiah 32:27 NKJV). If your answer is ‘No, Lord,’ then your problem becomes an opportunity for Him to demonstrate His love and care for you-UCB

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ellys Thoughts.....

I recently undertook quite a daunting project, that is going to take quite a lot from me, emotionally, physically, financially and infact everything that I am lol!. Discussing with a friend over dinner, he goes,  "But Elly why did you decide to do this, do you think its really necessary, especially for the now"?
And heres my response, which was really unprecedented and has been a motivating statement for me from that time till now, I responded"If nothing/no one is stopping me, then I wont stop myself".
And today I speak that to you reading this today, that you should NEVER stop yourself. Its never too early, theres never a right time, the right people, the right place, the right funds and it goes on and on. Just pursue greatness and dont stop at any hurdle, keeping jumping, keep running, keep walking, keep crawling, do whatever you do but please dont STOP and dont run in CIRCLES.
 Starting up a talk show soon: Real issues, Real world and the Real Christian. Please inbox me your thoughts, ideas, fears lol!>:
                                                                         *THINK LONGTERM*

Saturday, 9 March 2013

In View of Mothers Day!

In view of mothers day, men and women all have different needs and are created to compliment each other. The bible says a wise woman builds her home and like wise a wise man also understands the needs of his wife and is afffectionate towards her. Affection is taking the iniative, understanding the little things that make the difference, being really sensitive to the bits and bobs that bring the sparkle in the home. Speaking with a friend yesterday, she says "marriages are made in heaven, and theres also thunder and lightning in heaven". A successful marriage is one that is not just founded in Christ, but one in which the two parties play their role because they are determined to make it work. But if one person does the depositing and the other does the withdrawal, the red light is automatically switched on. May our homes truly be a place of rest. Happy Mothers! Happy Families!!

The amazing Story Of Mimi Asher; Fulfilling Gods Purpose

God has really created us for respective purposes, and untill we fulfill that, we/our immediate environment, generation, wont be truly blessed. This is a story of a lady who took the bull by the horns and determined that she will be Gods hands of warmth around youth and how amazing the outcome.

I listened to Mimi and how she went all out to reform a bunch of gang members of which her son was part, amidst the turbulence, and impending danger, not to mention the hostility from the neighbourhood as well as rival gang groups, this woman pushed on. This really wasnt a walk in the park.Listening to her really made me reflect on how I was living my life to fulfill the plan of my creator. The same sun that melts the wax, also hardens the clay. Most times we go through challenges in life that absolutely shut us down, but the truth that every situation can really turn out for good, if we look beyond the now, and believe God to work out everything for good.

Below is the story of Mimi nd one of the gang members whose life got transformed. In all the life of 30 young men, got transformed just because of one woman who was willing to be used by God. Imagine if there were more like Mimi? I believe the whole world will be a better place to live in.

The woman who took on the gangs

Mimi Asher

How the mother of a former gang member persuaded others to turn their lives around.

It is one of the most remarkable stories to emerge from the gangs of Brixton: how a single mother used the power of love to destroy a notorious street gang that had threatened to destroy her own family.

Pastor Mimi Asher was terrified to learn that her own son, Michael, had joined the local gang on her housing estate at Myatt's Fields. She took matters into her own hands. She decided that the best way to end his involvement was by getting the gang, Organised Crime, or the O.C., to dissolve itself.

Over a three-year period, Pastor Mimi threw open her house to O.C gang members. She cooked meals for them, washed their clothes and even took them on trips to the cinema and swimming pool. For a time, the leader of the gang, Karl Lokko, or "General Lokks", as he is now known, lived at the house. He is now a successful musician and acts as a mentor helping young people leave gangs.

Mimi's story

Myatt's Field estate has been described as a place that not even the devil would walk through because young people living there at the estate were terrorising people. That's the estate I was living in. Young people there were interrogating people, asking them their password before coming on the estate. It was their way of monitoring who came on the estate.

I had no idea my son was involved in anything because he was such a good boy. I did not know anything about gangs, nothing to my knowledge at all until I spoke to a police officer.

The young ones look to the older ones as role models and they feel inspired because they see them with cars, and girls, and money. The young ones get recruited or initiated. Everywhere in London it's the same process.

What I used to do is I would go out there with my wooden stick looking for him. Random times he would be in conversation with friends and I would just turn up and tell him to come into the house and because he was very respectful he would follow me.

So everbody knew that Michael's mum would come at any time so they felt quite a lot of unease. They would see me on the estate and they would be hiding because they knew Michael's mum was coming. If need be I would turn up anywhere. Two o'clock in the morning I would be driving round the estate looking for him.

I was really desperate to save my son because I knew that either he would end up dead or in prison and I couldn't live with that.

Mimi Asher In 2010, Mimi Asher received a London Peace Award from Mayor Boris Johnson

I then started going through his friends and invite them to my house and cook for them. They would come over and I would try and have a conversation with them.

All the boys on the estate, I generally cared for them. I was seeing them as these young boys that had potential to do well but it's only through things that can happen to them. So it was that drive, that real drive and passion in my heart. I was desperate to save all of them. The little money I had I would share with them.

The answer is to try and mums and dads to get involved and not be passive and leave the government to tackle [gangs]. The government should provide facilities, rather than cut down. They pour so much money into the Olympics and yet we have these young people on the estate, there's little for them to do, little to motivate them. There's no facilities.

It was a big task. sometimes I was afraid for my own life. there were times I would get paranoid. I had to hold my faith and keep my head high. But I don't let fear stop me doing what I'm doing.

Karl's story

Karl Lokko Karl Lokko is the ex-leader of the Organised Crime gang - the O.C. - on the Myatt’s Field estate, Brixton

I was in love with that culture. It weren't really drugs. I believed it was a good way if living for some time.

You take a lie as a truth and I took it as the truth. There's different reasons, there's different things that will lead a man to want to join a gang. At the end of the day I never really see it too much as a gang, I see it as my circle, my friends, my family, my home away from sort of thing. It was just like a group of friends. That's what you call a gang, really. There's different gangs, it's just that ours wasn't mainstream.

I wasn't able to join a gang at the beginning I had to make my own and I was 13. The one I made started off with just three people, it was M.A.D - Max, Addict and Drowsy. I was Addict.

A lot of people are under the illusion that people join gangs for financial gain. Don't get me wrong, there are some that join for financial gain. And once you become the member of a gang and you get older in that gang you understand that you need money in the society that we live in today.

So money becomes an objective but that's not the main drive. There's more of a romance behind it. It's more the fact that you have an identity, you get self-esteem, you feel that you have a purpose, you feel that you're needed. A lot of people will have been coming from broken homes and that could be their family.

What held me for a long time was loyalty. You feel as if you've all made your bed, so you must all lie in it. I'm not for punishing. I'm for reformation. I'm not into chastising.

I dedicated seven years to that lifestyle. I've been cut on my face, I've been shot at a silly amount of times, I've been chopped in the back, I've been sliced on my chest and by God's grace I'm still here. That's all it is really.

I've had close friends killed. I never lost them to natural causes. I have a friend who died the other day to a natural cause and I didn't really know how to act. That's the first friend to have died of a natural cause that was involved in any form of gangsterism.

I'm used to mourning the fact that someone's died but also projecting a hatred to that person who killed them. But I had no one to project that hatred to cos that guy was in a car crash. Human beings are not just conditioned by life to kill one another.

The struggle with me was that I'm forsaking my brothers, and that's how they saw it as well until, by God's grace, I was able to speak to them and let them understand. And a lot of them were fine with my change. Everyone wants good for them. If they're really your friends the want what's good for you.

It's just chaos here. You can lose your life just for looking at someone wrong. Maybe they're going through something and they're feeling paranoid.

Pastor Mimi dedicated her time, she showed me love and she was genuine. I was able to then decipher and see that lies I was fed as truth were false. I would go and speak to people that may have shot at me and I showed them that I'm no longer a threat.

I just went over to them genuinely and they were able to see that, same way I was able see my pastor was being genuine when she was trying to outreach to me. And they're my friends

                                              (Culled from bbc radio 4 news)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

More from the Rib Connection....

Earlier on I spoke about a book I was reading by Carlos Malone; The Rib Connection. And guess what? Its taking me forever to read cos I keep going back to the pages. I recommend it for everyone not just for lovers in a relationship, but in all to have a better relationship with people on a whole. The problems we encounter in relationships are inevitable. But our techniques of weathering the storms of relationships is down to our individuality and how much we want the relationship.
I will just post some extracts which have stayed on with me;

"One sign of immaturity is the unwilllingness to take on responsibilty, especially when the person so refusing is the person upon whom everything depends. Men are to be responsible in every positive way, meeting their assignments head on. and whenever they dont, the business goes undone. A mans ability to assume responsibilty does not suddenly appear when he becomes an adult, but must be nurtured while he is still a boy.Fathers and mothers teach your boys to be responsible, so that when they become men, they will know what responsibilty is all about. Teach them how to cook, manage their finances, how to treat a woman, how to be gentle. Teach them that they are not supposed to run around town, making babies and raising the statistics on single-family homes and sexually transmitted diseases. Real men do not leave others holding the bags for their mistakes"(pg 48-49).

"Being secure sits at the top of the list of most women as a major concern and need. Women cannot live in a situation of uncertainty; it is their human nature to need to know where they are headed. Women in order to feel secure, thrive on detail. They dont like limited information, it is important to them to know exactly what they are getting themselves into. For most women a spirit or feeling of insecurity will frustrate a male/female relationship faster than just about anything else. A woman needs to feel secure, she needs to know that her man will not compromise in this area of need. Be it in finances, family and future planning."(pg 63-64)The Rib Connection: Secrets to Developing Healthy Relationships
(The book is available for $14.99 on amazon and you could actually have it shipped for free, on orders over $25. Invest in a book and improve your life)

Joke of the day!

Life is short, but in the little time we have got to live, we find out that we are burdened with a lot of pressures, be it self imposed, societal pressures, and not forgetting work/career pressures and last but not the least family pressures. The pressure we seem to face in this 21st century seem to be at an all time high. I chatted with a friend and sometimes my sense of humour is quite great lol! and by the time I was done with him, I had cracked him up so much and he laughed really hard and this is his next message " O Elly I havent laughed this hard in a long while" it just came at the right time. And hearing that alone really made my day. If you can today, put a smile on someones face. You can Say a kind word, make a compliment, send a note, send flowers ( hehehe someone just received some earlier winks), say a prayer and show genuine interest in people. It will make them feel good and you know what? it has a bounce back effect on you.
Below is a life conversation between two ladies(names witheld) who had a good laugh as they chatted about being single. Reading it made me laugh, I hope it relieves you too as you read
Enjoy!!!(some of it are in broken english though)

PARTICIPANT 1: Dear wats up?

PARTICIPANT 2: Hi dear! How r u?? Long time

PARTICIPANT 1: : I dey luv, dey push am :)
Abeg dear nobi dis year wey we dey marry again? I don 4get dat our earlier discussion

PARTICIPANT 2: Lol...We have till december,Any prospects? =))
 1st QTR is almost done o!

PARTICIPANT1: Dis babe u no serious oooo, wat of all d yankee guys? R they on vacation like d ones here in d Uk? If they are we had beta go 2 china 2 shop.

PARTICIPANT 2: Dats true oooo!China is looking like the best option now oh! How come I never thought of that?? Thanks babe for that brillant suggestion.

PARTICIPANT 1: babe abeg go try, n give us situation report, so dat we know how 2 strategise and rebrand ourselves for the chinese market, but please stay away from the north east of China. I hear those ones are not really original, start from the financial base: shanghai/hong kong lol!

PARTICIPANT 2: Hehehhe...
                                      Life is beautiful and easy, live/love/laugh....

Monday, 4 March 2013


Easy Face Mask Recipes for Different Skin Types

face-mask imageThe health benefit of honey really cannot be over emphasised. No matter your skin type or the result you hope to achieve, theres something for you. Below is an extensive and simplified extract for your skincare,  hope you achieve the desired result
Here are some really simple DIY face mask recipes that have become very popular among honey enthusiasts. The steps and ingredients involved in each mask are so easy that you can prepare it in a few minutes. Pick one that suits your skin type and you are on your way to discovering many benefits of honey for your skin!

Simplest Face Mask With Just Honey
honey face mask imageThis is the simplest natural beauty recipe. It has only one ingredient - raw honey. It is so mild on the skin that most people especially those with sensitive skin can benefit from its gentle cleansing and purifying effects. Just apply a spoon of raw honey on the face as a mask and leave it for about 20 minutes. Rinse off. Repeat a few times a week.
For Dry Skin: Avocado & Honey Face Mask
You will need:
2 tablespoons of avocado flesh
2 tablespoons honey
1 egg yolk
avocado pictureInstructions: To form this anti aging skin care face mask which also has a lightening effect, put all the ingredients in a blender, or mash by hand in a bowl. Use your fingers to spread the mask over your face and neck and leave it on for at least 30 minutes, preferably longer, before removing.

For Dry Skin: Honey and Egg Mask
You will need
1 tablespoon honey
1 egg yolk
1/2 teaspoon almond oil
1 tablespoon yogurt
Instructions: Put all ingredients into a large bowl and stir until it becomes sticky and thick. Apply the mask to your face for 5 minutes and wash face thoroughly with a mild facial soap. Honey stimulates and smoothes, egg and almond oil penetrate and moisturize, and yogurt refines and tightens pores. The egg yolk also helps to lighten up the skin.
For Tired Skin: Almond Yoghurt Honey Mask
You will need:
6oz plain yoghurt
¼oz finely-crushed almonds
2tsp honey
2tsp wheatgerm oil
Instructions: Mix all the ingredients into a smooth paste. Apply and massage the mixture into skin. Keep the mask on for 20 minutes.

For Normal Skin: Apple Honey Mask
You will need
1 Apple, cored & quartered
2 Tablespoons Honey
Instructions: Drop the apple pieces into a food processor and chop. Add honey and refrigerate for 10 minutes. Pat the mixture onto your face with a light tapping motion, tapping until the honey feels tacky. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse.
For Oily Skin: Honey-Papaya MaskYou will need:
1/3-cup cocoa
three teaspoons of heavy cream
1/3-cup ripe papaya
1/4-cup honey and three teaspoons of oatmeal powder
Instructions: Mix and apply on your face. After 10 minutes, wash your face with warm water. This anti aging skin care fask mask helps heal skin blemishes, nourishes, draws out impurities, balances your skin pH, and will leave your skin radiant and soft. Good for acne-prone skin.
For Oily Skin: Carrot Face Mask
Your will need
2-3 carrots
4 1/2 table spoons of honey
Instructions: Cook the carrots and then mash them up. Mix the carrots with honey and refrigerate for 10 minutes. Apply gently to the skin and wait for ten minutes. Rinse off with cool water. Carrots are known to be rich in vitamin A and C. They are also rich in potassium. Vitamin A and C are antioxidants. Honey contains sugar, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
For Sensitive Skin: Banana and Honey Mask
You will need
1/2 mashed banana
1/4 cup oatmeal, cooked with milk
1 egg
1/2 tablespoon honey
Instructions: Mix ingredients together. Massage onto face in a slow, circular motion and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with tepid water. Oatmeal is high in nourishing vitamins and minerals; it gently cleanses and heals skin. Bananas contain vitamin A; eggs contain lecithin, a natural skin emollient; and honey helps to maintain the skin's natural acid mantle.
For All Skin Types: Honey and Lavender Facial Mask
You will need:
1 tablespoon raw honey
3 drops lavender essential oil
Instructions: Mix the ingredients, dampen your face with warm water, and smooth on the honey and lavender mixture. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water.
For Skin Lightening Effect (All Skin Types): Honey and Lemon Facial Mask
Your will need:
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Instructions: Mix the two ingredients and apply as a face mask. Rinse off after 20-30 mintues.

Honey Bee Pollen Face Mask

Finally, I will share with you my favourite face mask - honey and bee pollen mask. Though it's made up of just two natural ingredients, the benefits it offers are too many. Packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, this gentle mask can effectively reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate, tone, and clear skin in days. And suitable for all skin types, this mask works well in nourishing and protecting healthy skin as well as healing and repairing skin that is troubled by acne, rosacea, rash, eczema and other problems. Follow the instructions in the image to prepare. Rinse the mask away after leaving it on for about 30 minutes to an hour. Apply a few times a week. It's incredibly easy.

honey pollen face mask image
                                                                                   (extract:  benefits of

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Managing Compassionately-Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn speaks on managing compassionately. This is just my type of guy, simple, smart and humble *smiles* For full video, visit


Of all the management principles I have adopted over the years, either through direct experience or learning from others, there is one I aspire to live by more than any other. I say "aspire" because as much as I'd like to do it consistently and without fail, given the natural ebb and flow of day-to-day operations and challenges, and the subsequent range of responses that follow, I find this particular principle harder to practice consistently than others. That principle is managing compassionately.
There are three elements of managing compassionately I've learned through the last decade or so that have very much influenced my career path and management style. They are the meaning of compassion, and specifically how compassion differs from empathy; the fact that compassion can be learned, and is not solely innate; and the importance of striving to achieve both compassion and wisdom, and not one without the other.
The meaning of compassion
Through reading the book “The Art of Happiness” -- the teachings of the Dalai Lama as told to author Howard Cutler -- I learned the difference between compassion, defined as walking a mile in another person’s shoes, and empathy, which is feeling what another person feels. Though oftentimes used synonymously in western culture, the contrast between the two is an important one. As the Dalai Lama explains, if you are walking along a trail and come along a person who is being crushed by a boulder, an empathetic reaction would result in you feeling the same sense of crushing suffocation and render you unable to help. The compassionate reaction would put you in the sufferer's shoes, thinking this person must be experiencing horrible pain so you're going to do everything in your power to remove the boulder and alleviate their suffering. Put another way, compassion is a more objective form of empathy. This idea of seeing things clearly through another person's perspective can be invaluable when it comes to relating with others, particularly in tense work situations.
For example, when strongly disagreeing with another, most of us have a tendency to see things solely through our own world view. In those situations, some will immediately assume that the other person is ignorant and/or has nefarious intentions. Your mind immediately turns to the thought, "How could they possibly not agree with me?"
In these circumstances, it can be constructive to take a minute to understand why the other person has reached the conclusion that they have. For instance, what in their background has led them to take that position? Do they have the appropriate experience to be making optimal decisions? Are they fearful of a particular outcome that may not be obvious at surface level? (Ray Chambers refers to this process as being a spectator to your own thoughts, and offers a good illustration here). Asking yourself these questions, and more importantly, asking the other person these questions, can take what would otherwise be a challenging situation and transform it into a coachable moment and truly collaborative experience.
Compassion can be taught
Once I had started to fully appreciate the significance of compassion, I oftentimes wondered whether or not it was a quality that could be taught. It turns out the answer is yes; a realization I came to serendipitously.
One night while traveling on business, I was having trouble sleeping and came across a PBS Frontline documentary that has stuck with me to this day. The program was entitled “A Class Divided” and was about Jane Elliott, a third grade teacher in an all-white town in Iowa. The day after Martin Luther King Jr. was shot, she divided her class into blue-eyed and brown-eyed students.
On day one, the blue-eyed children received first class treatment at the expense of the brown-eyed. On day two, she flipped everything, so that those who had been subjugated were now in the privileged class. Watching the reaction of the kids in this situation was truly awe-inspiring. The documentary tracked down the students many years later, well into adulthood, and almost to a student, they were advocates of the civil rights movement.
Compassion can and should be taught, not only throughout a child's K-12 curriculum, but in higher education and corporate learning and development programs as well. I can’t think of a more worthwhile thing to teach.
Wisdom without compassion is ruthlessness, compassion without wisdom is folly
After having worked at Yahoo for seven years and making the decision to leave, I started to think a lot about what I wanted to do next. I've long been interested in education reform, and specifically the democratization of knowledge, which was one of the primary dynamics that drew me to the consumer web, and digital media and search specifically. It had occurred to me that as much value as Google created by organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible, there was still much more to be done in the category. The thinking was that on a classic Information Science continuum, i.e. data > information > knowledge > wisdom, as valuable as information was, it was putting that information into context -- knowledge and ultimately wisdom -- that created true insight.
The challenge at the time (early 2004) was that for all of the billions of information artifacts that had been indexed by the world's leading search engines, the vast, vast majority of all human knowledge still remained in people's heads. The idea was to make it easier for people to share that knowledge in a universally accessible repository and to not only make use of it, but to expand it as well. Bear in mind, this was long before social platforms and sharing content had reached critical mass on a global basis. Today, this is common practice, and increasingly influences the way in which we find what we are looking for, whether through more socially influenced results produced by search engines or the knowledge being shared directly through social platforms (Fred Wilson shares a great example of the latter here.) However, at the time I was leaving Yahoo in 2008, this was still an evolving concept and one I was passionate about pursuing. I went so far as to draft a personal vision statement: to expand the world's collective wisdom.
A few weeks later, I found myself at dinner one night with my friend Fred Kofman, founder of Axialent, author of "Conscious Business", and one of the most enlightened people I've met throughout my career. After sharing my objective with him, he said, "That's very powerful, but bear in mind, wisdom without compassion is ruthlessness, and compassion without wisdom is folly." The line stopped me cold in my tracks. It was so elegant in its simplicity that it required no debate or follow-up. Withhout any further discussion I said I was amending my initial vision to read "to expand the world's collective wisdom and compassion." That objective has influenced every aspect of my work ever since.

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‘Give all your worries…to God, for he cares about you.’
1Peter 5:7

Think about the things you worried about last year, or even last week. How many came to pass? Statistically, 10 percent at most! And did all your worrying make them better or worse? And what about the physical and emotional toll that worry is taking on you? Dr. Charles Mayo, founder of the famous Mayo Clinic, said, ‘Worry negatively affects the circulation, the heart, the glands, and the whole nervous system. It profoundly affects your health. I have never known a person who died from overwork, but many who died from worry.’ So when are you going to face up to the fact that you worry too much, and do something about it? ‘What can I do?’ you ask. The Bible says, ‘Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.’ By committing each day to the Lord, you are trusting Him to go before you and work things out for the best. It’s the only way to live! Worry doesn’t work. It’s like a rocking chair; it will give you something to do and keep you going, but it won’t get you anywhere! Life is too big for any of us to handle alone. So when worry comes to prey on your mind, attack it with the promises of God. Go ahead, bring your fears to God and watch them shrivel and die: ‘…It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the centre of your life’ (Philippians 4:7 TM). George Muller said, ‘The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.’-UCB

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