Tuesday, 25 November 2014

In Search Of Noah!

I was having my personal quiet time, praying as well as reflecting on the scriptures I had just read. At that point a lot of things were going through my mind. I kept saying to myself, "Where is this power"? We read how the red sea was divided, how the sun stood still at Gibeon, how the walls of Jericho crumbled, how Esther  became queen in a foreign country(now tell me she was the most beautiful, and I will correct you by saying it was nothing but the favour of God). Is that power still at work today?? God cannot lie! We only need to re evaluate our lives......
We see/hear of people die everyday.... Christians and non christians alike. Death affects the good, bad and the ugly..... Yet we are still not refocused..... we are still pursuing/ trying to grasp what will  and cannot last.
We have become so noisy, we sound like broken records.......We call the name of the Lord but our actions prove otherwise. Competition is the order of the day...... the largest church..... the largest congregation etc. But yet the rottenness continues to increase, the stench we produce cannot be distinguished from that which stems from hell.

I normally say, my generation has upset God so much, but come to think of it, there is nothing new under the sun. The sins of today, were prevalent in the times of old both AD and BC. There was murder, homosexuality, wickedness, people sacrificed their children, witchcraft was prevalent, siblings had sexual relations with  each other etc.... But in all of this, when God wanted to destroy the first earth, there was Noah....And he was a just man....And he was saved. There was also a church in Babylon Yes! The bible described Mary as a virgin, because back in the days it was not a common sight....Yes! When Elijah thought he was the only one who loved God, God showed him 120 people more who were still faithful.

Nothing indeed is new, but the determination to be 'TRUE CHRISTIANS', honest to our word, living like the Master, experiencing His power and impacting our world, should be NEW everyday.

If God were to destroy the earth again..... will He look upon me and say..... 'But Elly will be saved'......?
Help me Lord to live my life In accordance to your will and leading.... Amen  

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Being The Difference.....

There are two types of people in the society I say. Those who just complain/whine and do absolutely nothing and the other group identify a 'NEED' and instantly they think, how can I help remedy the situation. And today I celebrate one of those people.... Queen Gideon. I have known her for over 20years, but its not the years that count, but her personality makes the difference. She has been an inspiration to me and a great contributor to this blog. She constantly supports, polishes my ideas, encourages, brings about diversity, she buzzes with so much ideas. I always joke with her and ask "why did you really study engineering, you should have read something else".
Her dream and passion to make her country a better place and uphold the values, culture and beauty which make it unique and is most times hidden from the public site has birthed this book....

Nigeria, the largest country in Africa is made up of a variety of cultures, traditions and ethnicity. The three major tribes however are: IGBO, HAUSA & YORUBA. These three tribes occupy three major regions of the North, South & East. No doubt, the citizens of this country are spread through all continents, and we are constantly bringing up a generation who tend to lose touch with our rich culture, tradition and most importantly language. To this end, Queen has written this book, which proves invaluable not just to children but adults alike who missed the privilege of being born in Nigeria as well as missed the opportunity of speaking a different language.. It can be purchased from amazon!

I am highly elated with this invention and recommend it to everyone, Nigerian or not. Knowledge is power, and no knowledge is ever a Waste...

Proud of you Queen, keep making a difference.....

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I know God For Myself!

In the book of Joshua 24:15, Joshua told the people: “If you decide that it’s a bad thing to worship God, then choose a god you’d rather serve—and do it today. Choose one of the gods your ancestors worshiped from the country beyond The River, or one of the gods of the Amorites, on whose land you’re now living. As for me and my family, we’ll worship God.”(The Msg Version). We are in an age, where everyone has views, the problem I have got however is not in the views, but in the determination to shove opinions down my throat. Be it your sexual orientation, religious views,politics, keep it to yourself and do not be on a mission to make me swallow your opinion hook line and sinker. The summary of it all is that, I know God for myself, I have a personal experience, I love the God I serve, and for me, that is just ENOUGH!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Dr Myles...... Time Up!

He touched my life by his messages in many ways.... He is one of the very few preachers that I have featured on this blog due to his style, passion and knowledge of Gods work. But now its time up for him. The reality that life should be lived to fulfill purpose comes to life and especially Gods purpose. Life is not considered in the length of days, but purpose and accomplishment. We fill our lives most times, pursuing things of little or no value... The transient benefits of life seem to preoccupy our minds and drive, but when we shut our eyes in death, only one thing matters..... "THE  WAY WE LIVED TO FULFILL GOD'S PURPOSE".

Rest in Peace Dr Myles, Ann Munroe and all the other passengers in the fatal crash. May God give all friends and family, the fortitude to bear this loss.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Today's Inspiration...

If it does not challenge you, the experience is normally infinitesimal and the impact rarely felt.....Ellyeleanor


How I Lost My Virginity!

Yesterday I posted  a topic on Richards Branson's 4 Rules for making difficult decisions see HERE, and to my surprise, it got so many reads that exceeded my expectation. I also got quite some mails via my inbox than I anticipated. If you follow my blog and have a look at the popular posts, you will understand, why I used the word 'SUPRISE'. Hahaha. Anyways I cant blame anyone, the generation we find ourselves in unconsciously/subtly tilts us to be more interested in what feeds our eyes/senses. That said, one of my readers was so impressed and sent me a personal email, recommending me to read Losing My  Virginity. I read an excerpt, and I must say its quite a good read, its been termed a perennial bestseller,quite inspirational, a page turning memoir, and a definitive business guide. And when I checked, you can even download the E-version for free on some sites. Will let you find that out for yourself.):  I am definitely reading this. Feel free to share your thoughts if you have read this also.


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Richard Bransons 4 Rules For Making Difficult Decisions

Every successful man has a past and every hardworking/struggling man has a future. So do not look at the now I say, imagine the bigger picture. I love to listen to some successful people, and when I do, what I watch out for is their perception and approach to challenging situations they have been in. Richard Branson was in the press recently due to the Virgins galactic's SpaceShiptwo Crash. I watched him give his speech and I must say, I loved his response style as well as composure. I also came across this article, and as I read it, it made me smile because I vividly remember this was a big debate between a couple of friends and I, as we discussed Strategic Planning. The simplicity in his words, can be used in our every day life and will really prove invaluable. I really enjoyed reading and reflecting. Hope you get inspired too

(photocredit; veryimportantpotheads.com).                 

 In the summer of 2012, the British government informed Virgin Trains that it had lost the bid to retain the operating rights to the UK's West Coast rail franchise. Virgin Trains had been running the 7-billion-pound ($10.9 billion) franchise for 15 years, expanding the line and growing its annual passenger numbers from 13 million to 30 million.

Richard Branson, chair of Virgin Train's parent company the Virgin Group, writes in his book "The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership" that he was "stunned and baffled" that he could have lost the bid to FirstGroup.

He decided to stay quiet for awhile, meeting with lawyers and advisors to see if Virgin had actually been beaten fairly. Everyone he spoke with seemed to conclude that FirstGroup's numbers were unsustainable, meaning the British government had made a mistake in calculations. Regardless, many of his senior team told Branson that he'd only be wasting his time and hurting his image with a lawsuit. But, after carefully weighing the facts, he decided to move forward with the lawsuit.

A week before he was scheduled to meet the Department for Transport in the UK's high court, Branson got a phone call from the department's secretary. The secretary told him that on further review, the department had indeed made grave miscalculations and Virgin had offered the better deal.

Branson considers his decision to sue the government, which ultimately saved his rail business, to be one of the best high-stakes decisions he's ever made. In his book he highlights four rules that he's used to make tough decisions throughout his business career:

1. Don't act on an emotional response.
Branson says he was flabbergasted when he first heard that the Virgin Trains deal had not gone through, but he was experienced enough to know that he should take some time to settle down and collect data instead of letting his feelings take control of him.

Had he made a statement to the press out of frustration or demanded to sue the British government solely out of instinct rather than fact, he would have increased the likelihood of having his case dismissed and appearing reckless.

It's just as bad to act on a positive emotion. Give decisions you're considering enough time to lose the influence of your first impressions.

2. Find as many downsides to an idea as possible.
Branson carefully considers everything that could go wrong before he goes forward with a decision.

Regarding the rail case, Branson's lawyers initially told him he had a 10% chance of winning a case against the government. But after collecting proof that some numbers in his competitor's deals were off, he was convinced he had truth and customer support on his side.

"Nothing is perfect, so work hard at uncovering whatever hidden warts the thing might have and by removing them you'll only make it better still," he writes.

3. Look at the big picture.
Before he makes a decision, Branson takes a look at how it will affect his other projects in both the short and long term.

"This one may be a 'too good to miss' opportunity but how will it affect other projects or priorities and, if now is not the best time to do it, what risks if any are there in putting the thing on hold for an agreed period of time? If you cannot manage this project in addition to another that's waiting in the wings, which one gets the nod and why?" he writes.

Branson writes that one of the best examples of ignoring the bigger picture is when Carnival Corporation's chairman and CEO Mickey Arison decided to go to a Miami Heat basketball game on the same day that one of his company's cruise ships sank off the coast of an Italian island in 2012, killing 32 and injuring many others.

Branson says Arison further tarnished Carnival's and his own reputation when he behaved similarly less than a year later when a ship ran out of fuel and left its passengers five days at sea without running water or power.

4. Protect the downside.
In a LinkedIn blog post from earlier this year, Branson writes that the best lesson his father ever taught him was to protect the downside; that is, limit possible losses before moving forward with a new business venture.

Branson's father told him that he would allow him, at age 15, to leave high school and start Student magazine only if he sold 4,000 pounds' worth of advertising to cover printing and paper costs.

It's a strategy he repeated in 1984 when he made a huge leap from the music business into the airline business with Virgin Atlantic. He was only able to convince his business partners at Virgin Records to agree to the deal after he got Boeing to agree to take back Virgin's one 747 jet after a year if the business wasn't operating as planned.


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