Friday, 28 August 2015

Song Of The Moment!

This past year, I have learnt a lot in life that will stay with me for a long time...... Especially based on the choices we settle for.... I will speak about it in full details later. 26/08/2014 will remain indelible in my memory. But as I remember the experience, I am full of more praise and the scripture that comes to mind is that... "If the Lord had not been by my side, what would have become of me"? A year later, I am stronger, bigger, better and most of all more fulfilled. I sing this song with so much thankfulness in my heart.Thank You Lord!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Giving happiness....

I recently came across an interesting article titled, 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy. Some of the points that really resonated with me include:

“Give up your need to always be right.” I find this especially important to keep in mind in romantic relationships. Sometimes we get so caught up with proving who is right and wrong, that we forget that when it comes to complex feelings and emotions, sometimes who is right really doesn’t matter.

“Give up on blame.” Blame is a scapegoat for taking responsibility of your own outcome. It is a lot easier to point the finger at someone or something else instead of looking within. Blame is not constructive. It does not help you or the other person – nobody wins in the blame game. The amount of energy and stress it takes to blame just takes away from you moving forward and finding a solution.

“Give up complaining.” I am guilty of complaining, but when I get stuck in that negative narrative, I try to think of Seth Godin’s quote, “Complaining is not a winning strategy.” Sure a good bitch fest can help with venting and getting things off your chest. But nobody on the receiving end wants to hear a constant stream of complaints, and the dialogue only harms yourself.

“Give up your need to impress others.” I spent my entire teens and early twenties doing whatever I could to be liked. I wanted to fit in and be accepted. This is an extremely exhausting endeavor. Especially now, with the proliferation of social media, managing what others think of you both online and offline is just plain tedious. When you accept that you are perfect the way you are, and you embrace your quirks, flaws, strengths and vulnerability, you get a lot more comfortable in your own skin. And when you’re confident, you stop caring so much about what everyone thinks of you. You stop worrying if someone will like you or not, because deep down, you know that the people who falsely judge you don’t matter in your life.

A few points I would like to add to the list are:

Give up being a victim. The perspective that you are just the result of all external variables deflects responsibility for taking control over your own life. It is unfortunate that sometimes bad things happen to the best of people. Life can be unfair, unkind and unjust. However, being stuck in a victim mentality does not nurture your ability to move forward and onward.

Give up feeling entitled. Nobody owes you anything. Absolutely Nobody! When you approach life with the perspective that you are owed things, it’s likely that you will find yourself disappointed time and time again. When you are grateful for what you have, and see positive things as bonuses versus owed expectations, you will be surprisingly pleased.

Give up pretending. In a society where we are rewarded for perfection, we are constantly role playing. We try to show the world that we are flawless human beings in hopes that we will be liked and accepted. But the beauty of us lies in our vulnerability, our love, our deep, complex emotions…our humanness. When we embrace who we are and decide to be authentic instead of perfect, we open ourselves up to have true connection with others. There is no need to put up a show. There is no need to pretend to be something or someone that you are not. You are perfect the way you are.

What limiting beliefs do you think you need to give up to be happy? Add yours in the comments.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Just For Laughs....

I saw this on my Linked In page, and it really did make me chuckle...... Have a fab day everyone and an enjoyable weekend

 Will Ferrell.jpg

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Its In The Company.....

 ‘And being let go, they went to their own company…’

Acts 4:23

We all have our ‘own company’. It’s where we feel most at home, where we naturally gravitate to when we have the choice. The great Bible teacher A. W. Tozer once said, ‘The important thing about a man is not where he goes when he is compelled to go, but where he goes when he is free to go where he will.’ The apostles went to jail under compulsion, but when they were given their liberty they chose to return to ‘…their own company…’ of praying believers. How revealing! The clear choices of life—not the compulsions—reveal our true character. Let’s consider a real-life illustration. You’re absent from church on Sunday. 

Where are you? If you’re having surgery, your absence reveals that you’re ill and compelled to miss church. However, if you’re on the golf course, that tells us a different story. Assuming that you’re not on a well-deserved vacation, we know that you chose to skip church in favour of your ‘own company’—your fellow golfers. Has your choice to play instead of to pray become a habit? If so, you might be on the threshold of letting slip ‘…meeting together with other believers, which some people have got into the habit of doing…’ (Hebrews 10:25 CEB). Habits are not the product of one decision—they’re the result of repeated choices that eventually become automatic responses. How can you know your true spiritual condition? By the company you keep and the choices you make. When you’re free to go, where do you choose to go? Whose company do you prefer?

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