Thursday, 31 March 2016

Today's Thoughts...

The way things are, is not the way things must be. Bishop Desmond Tutu... 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

On Replay...

If you trust God, its better to wait for Him because there's nothing like living with the pain of regret. This is no motivational talk, this is real talk and I am speaking from experience first hand. God can never and has never failed. If He's saying wait, its for a reason. And if you think your decision has brought about irreversible consequences, do not buy into the lies of the devil. Remember our God is a God of a second chance!!

Friday, 11 March 2016

An Ear To Hear - Jentezen Franklin

Have I said I love Jentezen Franklin ? Yes I do! God bless this preacher and all preachers of the truth. Listening to him now and I am really blessed! Hallelujah! God bless you as you listen. Yes you!!

On Replay....

When you realise the weekend is here, you give a different form of praise. Suddenly there's a surge of energy hahaha. Have a fabulous day people X

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Banana Loaf Feedback

Few days ago, I put up a post about my very first banana loaf HERE. Well I just want to say that I took it to work for my colleagues to critic and this is what I got back hahahaha

If you notice, I said put down a score but because my colleagues are a bit 'extra', they added comments which was not part of the instruction hahahaha. I love these bunch. Some flung the paper and refused to write, but just ate portions. This is what I have to deal with everyday lol!
Its not the clearest pic but the first comment was more bananas, followed by more cake, less elly(really?? lol), third was a tad dry, provide milk, next was very nice, could eat it with ice-cream(the sweet tooth always reveal themselves lol), and finally more bananas +sugar( they all wanted more sugar in the dough. I intentionally reduced the sugar for health reasons). For the other comments, they just made me laugh hard cant put up all the drama here. But can you see the scores? I am quite impressed with me sincerely. I can do all things indeed through Christ....

If you are thinking of trying it out, I used the recipe on the bbc website. Its just perfect.
Busy weekend for me as I am involved in charity event planning for Ellyeleanor foundation which commences 16.03.16. Get more info on, or our IG page; ellyeleanor_foundation

On Replay...

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Verse of the day!

I have been reading the book of Exodus for some time during my quiet times and its taken my relationship with God and trust in God to another level. I am in awe as always. The word of God is indeed new every time we study. For some reason this scripture stayed with me today. I actually shared it with a few friends and groups I belong, but I was actually led to share it hear equally. Lets be careful of what we do and how we do it.

In some cases it might not be a bribe, but have you ignored the warning signs, to go into that relationship/marriage, that job or business deal or even indiscipline/lack of self control? What could  you not give up, that has now cost you your reputation? The inability to delay self gratification is a killer in today's world. The crazy thing about our world today is that there are a lot of mad people out there but only a handful are in mental institutions. The choices we make... The consequences we face.... The Life we make.....

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Bake Challenge...

2 days to my birthday last year, ellyeleanor foundation( organised  a big fundraising, that had lots of food and excitement and I was privileged to play a major role in the coordination. Everyone in attendance had so much praise, the adults had so much fun as well as the kids and we were the center of attraction in the arena. After that I decided to challenge myself and start baking more often. I decided that once every month, I will bake something different and learn a new skill/technique.

Have I been able to live up to it? No! But this year, I subtly gave it another try. In January, I made a sumptuous carrot cake HERE In Feb, there was nothing. And todayyyyyyyy, I baked my very first banana bread. My Oh My! I am so proud of myself. It turned out sooooo nice. In fact, my tasters have almost devoured the entire loaf. I might sound like I am blowing my trumpet too loud, pardon me. But its really really nice hahaha

Lets see what I come up with in April.

Have a fabulous week guys, let me go load up on those calories with my hot cuppa. Yum!


Yesterday a friend put up a message to her late mum, saying "I miss you Mum". It really moved me to tears. In today's world, virtually everyone and everything is replaceable, and that's the cold reality. But with Good Mum's, they have really withstood the test of time and have proven to be irreplaceable

I won't write as long epistle today, because I am sure we will get to read and hear an overload of mums and the part they play. But today, my hugs go out to everyone who has lost their Mum, the vacuum never gets filled because they are just irreplaceable. But I pray for God's comfort today and for all times.

And If you are a Mum, don't just be an ordinary mum, be an extra ordinary mum. Take cues from Hannah, Mary, Tabitha and the likes. Have a Peaceful Sunday everyone and enjoy your mothers day dinner.):

In between I got the lovely plaque for my Mum Yesterday alongside other items, but that plaque is my best Pick and its also the cheapest of the items I got her hahaha. That is because its exactly what I call her "World Mum"and she's going to think it was specially made for her hahaha thanks to all the creative stores we have got in London. And you guys have the privilege of seeing it before her hahahaha. Words can't describe how much I love that woman "Susan", Yeah that's my mama's name Lol!. May they all live long, happy, healthy, fulfilled and blessed lives! Amen!!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Today's Thoughts....

A generation that continues to baffle me with our reasoning, attitude and approach...
Have a fabulous weekend guys. X

Friday, 4 March 2016

Fasting - Jentezen Franklin

I watch Christianity in this day and age and it keeps amusing me. The way a lot of people make a mess of their message is baffling. There's so much accumulation of the world in the word today. All a lot of people do, is hold on to the world while still proclaiming the word. Anyways, to each his own I say. The word of God is true and settled however and no man can do otherwise. Franklin Jentezen is one man I really really love. He's not ashamed to become unpopular and preaches the word of God just as it is to the best of my knowledge. Six years ago, I read his book on fasting and even though I have been a christian for longer than that and didnt have a problem with fasting, it gave me a whole new perspective. I was so enlightened and since then, I fast with the right knowledge and understanding. I just had to share this message because I am positive that someone needs to hear this. And if you are reading this today, God has a purpose for your life trust me I am a witness. May you live a fulfilled life.X

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Charity of the Year!

Every year, most organisations deliberate on the charity they choose to support financially as well as sometimes go a bit further and even volunteer in some activities. This year, we encourage you to support Ellyeleanor Foundation.  "EllyEleanor foundation is a non-government organisation which was borne out of passion to see that every child gets qualitative education. Education for any child in our opinion is a right not a privilege. Frederick Douglas says “It is easier to bring up strong children than repair broken men” and if we must raise strong children it starts from giving them the right education"


Choosing us as your "Charity of the year", will mean that you not only support a child's education but you partner with us, as we safe guard the next generation from extreme poverty. Education is key and not just any education but quality education is the empowerment that every individual needs regardless of who they are or where they are.  In this month of March, we "start the spark" and we not only sponsor more children but we also get involved in the community and try to empower their parents via petty businesses because we believe every individual should learn a skill and not remain entirely dependent on another individual.  To learn more About Us, please visit .org

Gods Tithe.....

United Christian Broadcasters devotional is a devotional that I have been reading for over 10 years, In my opinion, I am yet to see any devotional like UCB's, Gods word is dished out in its real form, not tweaked to suit the hearer but taking into consideration, contemporary events. The word for today is one that always causes deliberations between christians. My view however is that I love God so much and if I had my way, I will give not just 10% but 90%.  Think what you want, but the word of God is true and settled!! Be inspired as you read....


Instead of saying, ‘I’m giving God my tithe,’ you should say, ‘I’m giving God His tithe.’ But you say, ‘I earned it, so I own it.’ No. The Bible says, ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein’ (Psalms 24:1). God owns every square foot of land on earth and every person who walks on it—including you. You’re not an owner, you’re a steward! And while a good steward deserves to be well rewarded by his master, his first priority is to please him and carry out his will. The Bible says, ‘A tithe of everything…belongs to the Lord…’ Get your thinking straight on this issue! In God’s eyes 10 per cent of your income is ‘dedicated funds’ to be used for one thing only—His purposes on the earth. And tithing isn’t how the church raises its budget; it’s how God raises His children. We distort God’s Word when we teach tithing as a means of getting money to pay off church debt, or as a substitute for other worn-out methods of fundraising, or as a cure-all for the church’s financial shortfalls. The Bible says, ‘…son (daughter)… give me thine heart…’ (Proverbs 23:26). When God has your heart’s deepest affection you’ll give gladly, not grudgingly. The first man in Scripture to tithe was Abraham. Why did he do it? Gratitude, because God had delivered him from the hand of an enemy who was out to destroy him. Has God delivered you? Has He blessed you? Then show your gratitude by giving Him His portion!

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