Sunday, 22 May 2016

Turning Off The Life Support Machine...

Most times in life, a lot happens and in fact we put a lot on hold for when the time is right. But again, I always have to remind myself that time will never be right, that's just life. We have to do what we should and not let procrastination get in the way. A few day's ago, a dear friend lost his mum far away in Australia and as he described the entire ordeal, for the next 2 days, I was literally in a bit of shock as I knew her and she was very welcoming and really liked me and was very hospitable when ever I visited their family house. For the first time I put myself in the shoes of individuals who had to come to terms with the death of a loved one and now accept that the life support machine be turned off.  In their case, it actually took 24 hrs after she gave up the ghost for them to accept that the machine be turned off. (sighs). Losing a parent is one thing, but losing both  gives life a different meaning.

Few days after, he sent me a message on what's app and the conversation is as shown.

I have really had a lot going on for the past few weeks and really its just by God's grace that I have not had a melt down cos any normal person would. But the truth is that I am not normal, I truly say this. The power of God and the grace of the Holy spirit has helped me believe the extra ordinary and actually watch it all fall in place by His grace. Back to the chat;  You see how I had not responded until the message content changed? How many people do we put on hold who need us? To be fair, I was not ignoring him, I just said to myself that  I would get back to him but got tied with what I was doing. But when the content changed, I finally had the 'TIME'. I am a couple hours ahead of him due to our different zones but I ended up speaking with him past midnight my time and he was actually the one that pressured me to go back to bed after we had spoken for some time.

Bottom line is nothing is forever, lets make sure the time we have in our hands is used wisely. Everyone is fighting a battle, or going through some form of grief or challenge. So as you step out this week, just 'Be Nice'!

The past week, I had a  couple people lose close family and friends to the hands of death. I pray Gods comfort for everyone passing through grief. Be comforted!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Feeling 'Less Than'

‘God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.’

Genesis 1:31


Farai Chideya graduated from Harvard, worked for Newsweek magazine, and quickly rose to the top. Yet she spent years fighting bulimia, trying to become like the glossy images in the make-believe world around her. When she finally broke free from her disease she wrote: ‘Losing weight didn’t change my personality and it didn’t lighten the emotional baggage I carried from my childhood. I thought I wanted to be thin. What I really wanted was to be happy, and neither my looks nor my achievements could do that. Because I couldn’t love or accept myself, the acceptance of others was never enough. When I tried to be perfect I came across as remote and unapproachable, yet the exact opposite was what I wanted.’ Then she shares four life-changing principles: ‘1) Your obsession to be perfect will keep you trapped in loneliness, for satisfying relationships can only be built on honesty and total acceptance. 2) Your obsession to be perfect will force you to see your shortcomings as something to hide, instead of opportunities for growth. 3) Your obsession to be perfect will keep you fixated on what you’re going to be some day, instead of enjoying what you are right now. 4) Your obsession to be perfect will rob you of the chance to make your life count, for by focusing constantly on yourself you’ll have nothing left to give to others.’ Bottom line: God didn’t need to create you, He chose to. On the day you were born He smiled and said, ‘Very good.’ When you fully grasp that, you’ll begin to overcome the problem of feeling ‘less than.’- (UCB-Word For Today.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Verse Of The Day!

Most times in life, we have big plans, and big dreams or sometimes its just that thin line between the known or the unknown, the uncertainty of tomorrow and fear of our decisions. And for me, most times just when I think, I am ready to take that leap, I hear that voice "Elly there is a thin line between courage and stupidity" and then the usual happens...... I take a halt and the bad thing about taking a halt is that you subtly retrogress. Its not obvious, but its constant....

As I prayed and studied the scriptures few hours ago, I dwelt on this scripture for quite some time and the holy spirit gave me inspiration as I went through it. I also reflected on Joshua 1: 9.Now most times when I am about to take decisions, I observe other individuals who have gone that path ahead of me and I learn from them. And sometimes, there is just no one who has gone the path I hope to take! Unfortunately sometimes, I voice out my plans, and the danger is that people around me, out of so much love for me mingled with fear, or even just naturally negative people or natural 'worriers', try to quench my zeal to launch out.

I have learnt from experience that most times don't share your dreams, until you have come to terms with the entire consequence and you are still ready to launch, because then you become unstoppable. Be careful who you listen to equally. Wisdom should be applied too because sometimes, its better to avert danger than walk in head on.

I have played with the thought of resigning from my 9-5 job next year and starting my own business. Well...... there has been so much indication that I need to start this sooner than later, but also the fear that I feel is greater than my zeal to launch. Its funny though, because I know what I want, I have already drawn up my strategy, I know finance might be an issue but I also have plans of what I might do.... So why don't I just decide and start working towards it???? 

As I read this scripture, however my prayer was God lead me and cause me to follow in faith. I bind every spirit of fear, I declare that the lines are falling in pleasant places. I have a delightful inheritance. The right people are locating me, my helpers of destiny are available. And again what dropped in my spirit is, Remember Abraham?? He went from the known to the unknown and I never disappointed him. I will GUIDE you!

Are you in any struggle today, or battling any form of uncertainty whatsoever? I pray this verse and others speak to you equally.



Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Joke Of The Day.... Describing A Short Man!

 I was having a very interesting phone conversation with one of my really dear friends. At this point I was trying my utmost to give her a description of some guy. And because I couldn't bring my brain to choose the right words, before I knew it, I just blurted out "He's just as short as your hubby but your hubby is however a bit bigger than him, this guy has quite a small stature" Ouchhhhh before I could take it back, it was out there! Oh My! Ellyyyyyy!!

And then she screams over the phone " Elly will you shut up! My hubby is not short!! And we both responded, He's average height!!! And we laughed so hard. I also had 2 friends have this same argument, in this case, it was another short guy, describing my friends hubby as short! can you imagine?? How can a short man, describe someone else as short??? Hahahaha. And this other friend of mine responded, "My hubby is average height, but you are a short man" You don't want to know how heated that argument became hahahaha, unfortunately for them, they had a terrible person in their midst which was me, and all I did was laugh sooooo hard, I actually fell on the bare floor as I laughed hahahahaha.

Shout out to all the FRIENDS who don't take life too seriously and manage a laugh rather than being petty at any given opportunity.

Shout out to all the "SHORT" individuals, because you are actually average height even though people find it difficult to understand. Remember you were quite quick to reach your potential and didn't require so much time like the tall individuals.

Finally shout out to all the "TALL" individuals as you will never be described by any other words other than Tall because that is what you are TALL hahahahahaha.

Enjoy the rest of the week guys.


Monday, 9 May 2016

Essentials!!! Fort McMurray

For the past couple days, we have seen the devastation in Fort McMurray, And I cant help but put myself in their shoes and imagine the pain, anguish, confusion and fear these individuals must be going through. I pray God helps them all through this difficult time.

Is it not mind-boggling that we work so hard to have a good life, we build comfortable houses, acquire the best gadgets, get ourselves choice cars and at the end, 2 things happen. We either die and leave all of these behind or they are destroyed/damaged and just like in the case of Fort McMurray, they are consumed in flames in a matter of minutes. Before our very eyes, all the hard-work, the overtime accrued, the missed vacations, the missed family times just dwindles??

I listened to one of the top government officials yesterday, and he says "I was born in this neighbourhood, grew up in this neighbourhood but I have watched my house get consumed in flames, years of hard-work, sacrifices, memories all lost. But in the end, they are all things and we will work hard and have it replaced. Last year I lost a child and it cant be compared with this case, its just possessions which we lost and  will be replaced by hard-work. And really the memories live in our heart and cannot be forgotten". In all though, God be praised that with a fire of this magnitude, no life has been lost.

Which brings me to the question, When faced with a life and death situation, what will really matter?? Get your priorities right! make the right choices! Nothing is forever! ETERNITY however is forever!!! Are you ready?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Monday, 2 May 2016

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