Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Cous cous for the win!

First stage but I felt it was too bland. It still tasted nice though.
I have been trying to cut down a couple calories especially at lunch time so my meals have consisted of mainly home made salads, or home made sandwiches just 2 slices(lol). However last week I tried  out making a different kind of soup HERE which turned out really nice. Today I tried making my own cous cous from the scratch for the very first time.

Aftermath! My love for veggies made me do this! hahaha

It looks a bit complicated but took me less than 15mins. And no worries, not starting out a food blog yet but just get excited when I do something new and I share it to inspire "You".

Enjoy the rest of the week guys!

When God sends someone to help you

‘May the Kind One correct me.’

Psalm 141:5

The greatest indictment against not knowing is not learning. If you look at it the right way every experience in life is a school, and every new acquaintance is a teacher. So seize every opportunity to learn. Just make sure you pick the right teachers: those who’ve earned the right to come alongside, and when appropriate ask the hard questions, bring perspective, and keep you on track. Solomon said, ‘Timely advice is lovely, like golden apples in a silver basket. To one who listens, valid criticism is like a gold earring’ (Proverbs 25:11-12 NLT). When God sends someone to help you: 1) Show your appreciation. Never take others for granted and never forget to say thank you. An attitude of ‘I don’t expect appreciation so I don’t give it’ will hurt you and close doors to your future. 2) Pull your weight. Don’t be self-serving and opportunistic. Look for ways to make your presence an asset, not a liability. Life owes you nothing except an opportunity to grow. 3) Understand the boundaries. Other people may know someone well enough to address them by their first name, but that doesn’t mean you should - especially not a potential mentor. If someone says, ‘Hello, my name is Charles,’ don’t come back with, ‘What’s up, Charlie!’ Show respect, and don’t try to change the protocol to suit the environment you’re used to. Observe boundaries, respect others, listen, and you’ll always have people willing to help you get where you need to go.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Elly's Thoughts...

I hear so many people rant feminism!feminism! Unfortunately when I try to listen to the point they are trying to make, its just a complete display of ignorance. For the past three years I have been doing an academic research which has a lot to do with feminism and it has nothing to do with what I hear all over the place. I feel like pulling my hair anytime I hear all these rants on feminism! Pheww!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Today's Reminder...

Intelligence is really a big turn on for me, and when its combined with humility, Oh My! I could let the individual get away with murder hahaha. Hehehe just kidding, my personality has zero tolerance for BS but I am intentionally training myself to be a bit more patient with people for the sole purpose that things are not always as it seems at first and most importantly, we never understand it all because we will never have all the details because we are human. Anyways really getting inspired listening to a smart successful man and what he said is summed up in the pic I created. You have a vision? Nurture it, consistently develop it, sell it, and most importantly give it time.... It will fall in place. I am not there yet but I can see that it really works and already reaping the benefit. But I am not stopping, I am going all out for the kill! Are you Living or just Existing?

On Replay...


In the spirit of the American thanksgiving, I am posting this picture of me strolling down the streets of Boston without a care in the world last September hahaha. Everyday for me is thanksgiving actually and again I will tell the entire story on the EllyEleanor show!  Yes I know some are tired of waiting but be patient, its sooner than you think hahaha. The past year has taught me that peace is a gift that God gives to ONLY his children and I won't trade the world for that peace. I am thankful for quite a lot I cant start to mention it all but today I just choose to say I am indeed very thankful for PEACE(Isa 26:3)

In between though, my legs are straight, I don't understand that convex or concave bend hahaha. Have a fabulous weekend guys. From the innermost part of my heart, I pray you experience God's peace and it actually starts from having a meaningful relationship with him and by this, I don't mean Religion!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Todays Reminder.....

Most times when I need God to intervene in a particular area of my life, and I am focused and engage in various spiritual activities ie fasting, intercession etc the devil just reminds me of a lot of good Christians I know who are either barren, dead, plagued with diseases or undergoing one challenge or the other. He reminds us of all of these to dampen our faith and feel that our prayers might not get answered. Remember however that "The devil is a liar" and your case is different. So go in faith! All things are possible to him that believes!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Current State!

When the temperature has dropped to single figures and I climb the scale and its progressively going in the clockwise direction, I have got no other choice but to dust up my culinary skills and do something different. Its soup all the way.... And if you are bred in Africa, you will understand that this type of soup is way different and very less interesting in comparison to what we call soup hahaha. Anyways, I have had a couple visitors which means I have been making those fancy 'rich' meals and now its time to 'pay the piper'. Wish me luck as I enjoy my vegetable soup! lol! (made from the scratch by me hehehe. Celery, carrots, butternut squash, bits of potatoes, cos I just love meat its got strips of chicken, leeks, a bit of coconut milk, lots of water and vegetable stock.) Its not bad at all.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

I'm not your friend, kid!

First time I heard a parent refer to her child who was under ten as her best friend, I actually thought it was a typo. However every now and again I keep seeing parents referring to their really young children as best friends. I had a conversation with a lady from a different race and she told me I quote "My kids know I am not their 'mate', they know I am there for them and they feel secure to share absolutely everything they are going through with me. However they know I am 'Mum' not 'Mate'. Its really funny that you might be in your 20s, 30s or even 40s and you refer to 5,8, or even 10 year old as your best friend! Like seriously?? Then some even call their parents by their first names, my mum sees nothing wrong in it, funny enough she actually likes it. However any child of mine that refers to me as 'Elly' will see different shades of lightning before they are done lol. I could be that traditional and for Pete's sake 'Mom'is just three letters hahaha(save calling mommy for the grandparents) Well good thing I stumbled on Kristina Kuzmic as she equally shares same views as me. Careful though, she does this crazy thing at the end of the video. Hahaha

Image result for parenting



Recently in my study time, I have been studying the book of 2Kings in the old testament. Something stands out for me in all the characters though. Firstly, I can relate to them because they all had temptations which are similar to the temptations we encounter today. They were either filled with pride, disobedient, drawn to women, made foolish decisions to their own hurt and that of Israel/Judah, rejected the warnings of the prophets sent to straighten them up and the list goes on. But in all one thing stood out! God's love...

Now anytime God was about to destroy them, they were forewarned, now that's mercy at work because going by the sins they committed, if I were God, I will send a tornado to wipe them all out and I will do it unannounced (hahaha). But thank God that I am not God.....

However whenever they were forewarned, some went in sackcloth and ashes and repented of their sins.... Check them out from Ahab, Hezekiah, Josiah, Manasseh, Jehoahaz etc. In fact Manasseh was described as the worst/most wicked king but when he was chastised he was humble enough to go on his knees and ask God for forgiveness. The question is are you humble?

I was chatting with a young man yesterday and while he was mentioning his accomplishments, I saw so much humility because humility/pride are so transparent and humans don't need bifocals to differentiate between the two. And I told him, its your humility that makes you endearing.

For some of the kings in the old testament however, they were neck deep in arrogance and wickedness and their end leaves nothing to be desired.

If you have an issue with pride, ask the holy spirit for help. Start practising humility today and improve on it, also have a constant reminder of death.... Yes death has the power to keep us in check!

Have a fab week.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

On Replay...

Today's Reminder....

Most times when people speak to me about their situation, they end up using the same phrase "there are bigger issues". This usually happens when we try to play God, when we approach life based on what we think we know or what is right/acceptable by human standards. The real question is are you led by God??  We are in a constant battle and the enemy uses the same old tricks. There is really nothing new....

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Free to be Yourself

‘If the Son liberates you [makes you free men], then you are really and unquestionably free.’

John 8:36

Image result for freedom

We live in a world of peer pressure. Others set the standard and we wear it, drive it, quote it, or do it. In some cases that’s okay, but not when it comes to your life’s direction. Jesus said, ‘If the Son liberates you [makes you free men], then you are really and unquestionably free.’ That means you’re free from the pressures others try to put on you; free to be the person God called you to be; free to look to Him for answers instead of always looking to other people. The Bible says, ‘A man must be content to receive the gift which is given him from heaven’ (John 3:27 AMP Classic Edition). When you scratch the surface, you discover that deep down many of us struggle with insecurity. We’re competitive, always comparing ourselves to others. We’re envious of their possessions, abilities, and accomplishments. We find ourselves trying to keep up with certain people, or be just like them. And as a result we get frustrated because we’re operating outside of what God called us to be. In other words, we’re not being ourselves! Understand this: the Christian life is a race, and you must run on your own track. You’ll never enjoy the fullness of God’s blessing until you commit to being the person He created you to be. So look in the mirror today and announce, ‘I am what I am. I can’t be anything other than what God has called me to be. So I’m going to concentrate on being the best me I can be - and celebrate every moment of it.’

( Looking for a devotional to read? I suggest you subscribe to UCB. I have used these devotionals for over 15 years and its been a blessing all the way.

On Replay...

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Real Vs Steal...

People take their time to plan spectacular proposals and jaw-dropping weddings, but when it comes to the 'real deal' ie the marriage, they are very quick to back out and look for other options.... Are you someone's option??

Monday, 7 November 2016


I read a bit of this in my daily devotional few days ago  and I couldn't agree less. We act like its all well and good with us and have other people believe we are super human and have it all figured out which is actually far from reality. We forget that its in telling the story of our struggles that  the hopeless become hopeful. If you missed a miracle today, you can be someone else's miracle. Stay  humble!

America Decides....

When it comes to politics, I get so intrigued.  I have followed the stats for Hilary and Trump right from the primaries. I have a friend who calls me a news junkie as I start my day with the news and actually end my day with the news channel. I am so bad that I actually have three news channels I listen to. I am so boring right hahaha. As I had Sky news on not long ago and picked up my ipad, it popped up with this. I cant believe its over a year ago I was in NYC with Obama as president and in less than 24hrs, there will be a different commander in chief. God help our world and if you are a christian, remember its your responsibility to pray for those in authority.  

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Pornography From The Expert...

I sat down with her and as I had soft conversations with her, she poured out her heart to me. I have come to understand that people reveal their true personalities to me at two stages of their lives. One is when they feel so broken and just need someone to listen to their pain and the 2nd time they pour out their hearts to me is when they buy into me and feel a sense of comfort to be just 'who they are', and most fall under this category.

Her Story:
Intimacy between her and her husband had vanished from their relationship because her husband had found a new love which he was addicted to.... "Pornography". And he preferred to watch series of porn and satisfy his sexual needs without her help. He did not need her for what he could achieve himself literally.

Image result for pornography

Pornography is believed to be for adults, but I say Pornography is not meant for humans, the thinking behind the production of pornography is just Vile & Flawed. I was having a conversation with a young man who saw no harm in watching pornography as it helped his realtionships. I asked him this question "If you knew the acts behind the pornography you watched or rightly put, if a member of the cast was your daughter, mum or sister will it still interest you/turn you on"?

Pornography is the main reason why so many couples are having unsatisfying relationships because expectations are unrealistic. Pornography is not love and does not depict anything of beauty that is to be desired. Its the devil's tool to subtly warm its way into the hearts of men/women and in turn make humans his slaves through addiction to porn.

Today children as young as 8 years of age are exposed to explicit sexual image and we wonder why the increase in rape, sexual violence, insecurity and all forms of sexual toxicity not to mention other negative effects are constantly making headlines.

You might say, "Please Elly, you are being dramatic about this, its really no big deal" but I am happy, its not just my point of view as a born again child of God but even a lady who has first hand involvement has raised an outcry against the pornographic industry which for your information makes billions of profit.

From the viewer statistics/site entry, I have some individuals view the blog from a pornographic site which I feel good about because when the individual logs on this site, I believe and hope they receive inspiration that brings about deliverance. The sad thing about pornography is that it has many captives, christians/ priests/pastors/bishops and a lot of individuals we least expect to be enslaved to the grip of porn. Today however if you are reading this and struggling with pornography, I speak deliverance in the name of Jesus and I declare you free from this addiction.

Anyways read what Pamela Anderson has to say:
Pamela Anderson gives lecture on porn at Oxford University
Pamela Anderson Photocredit: London Metro
Pamela Anderson has hit out against the porn industry and its portrayals of sex in an impassioned and personal lecture to Oxford students.

The 49-year-old former Baywatch star says the vast majority of porn shows sex that is ‘demeaning and hurtful’, and all too often involves violence against women.
She added that being ‘treated like a porn star’ in bed left her feeling ‘worthless’, and called for a greater focus on loving sex rather the kind that apparently necessitates women being ‘slapped, called a whore and spat on’.

Pamela Anderson had some strong words to say against the porn industry
‘I’m romantic. I am afraid that the world might forget how to make love,’ she said.

‘I’m not a prude and there lays the frustration. Great sex is not porn and when you’re treated like a porn star it’s not fun.’
The Canadian-American, who has been the subject of two high-profile sex tapes in her lifetime, added: ‘I was told due to my background I had no right to privacy. It made me feel worthless.’

The Baywatch icon says she has been treated like a porn star 
Turning to what exactly she thinks is harmful about porn in 2016, Pamela laid down some truths about its all-too-common depictions of violence against women.
‘It is not fine to be slapped, called a whore and spat on – it’s sick, it’s hurtful, it’s demeaning and it’s terrible, terrible sex,’ she said.

Image result for pamela anderson
Pamela Anderson

Women are clearly the victims in most porn according to Pamela 

‘It’s not the titillating images [that are problematic]. It is getting violent. I’m worried about violence against women.’

Asked about the recent scandal over Donald Trump saying he could ‘grab women by the p***y’ in 2005, Pamela added that she believes remark was not merely ‘locker room talk’, but evidence of the kind of sexist attitude that’s still endemic to society.

‘It’s terrible and I’ve heard other men speak that way, even about me. It cannot be swept under the rug because how we deal with it – how he is… it’s not okay,’ she mused.

‘So I was completely offended, like everybody else, and I don’t like the way he said it was just locker room behaviour, because I don’t believe that’s true of the men who do speak that way.

‘It’s got to stop, you’ve got to have respect for women, behind closed doors, around women and around men,’ she concluded.

Pamela, who is also a vegan and an animal rights activist,  will be making an appearance in the upcoming Baywatch movie, 20 years after she last appeared on the TV show.

She joined the iconic soap in 1992 at the age of 25 after modelling for Playboy and starring in sitcom Home Improvement.

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