Wednesday, 31 May 2017

L I F E...

It's easy to have misplaced priorities....

But always remember that in life...

Praying that all the days in June, you experience God's peace.

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Say it!

I call some people 'profile checkers' but to a large extent, we are all guilty of this at one point or the other. I really love to listen to successful people and what appeals to me most is their struggle because its more real and I can relate most times. Though sometimes some people are professionals at doctoring their story to assume a certain persona.

However when some people hear/see the interesting bit of me, they go... "aint you just lucky"? And to that I say No! There was a price to pay, I paid the price and God showed me mercy. At this point, if there is time, I proceed to tell a major part of the story to help build someone.

I don't believe in luck... I believe in paying the price whilst trusting in God! God surely blesses our hustle. Remember what He is called.... Way maker. Just keep at it and you will surely reap a reward. And when the reward comes, tell your story because it might just be what the next person needs to hear to keep going!

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P R A Y !

Last week I made a specific prayer for something I wanted from a financial venture I was involved in for this Tuesday which is today. Now I said that prayer more than once, not because God is deaf but because deep down in my heart, due to the T & C's of the business and similar scenarios of the past, I doubted the possibility of what I wanted happening. Nonetheless I just said "God give me a surprise and make it happen". Today...... The prayer was answered exactly as I prayed amidst my doubt. God answers prayers and His mercies are past finding out. So keep praying.... big faith or small faith regardless, the answer is just a prayer away...😃
Call upon me and I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know...Jer 33:3

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Prepping for Physio!

I mentioned that I have been dealing with a really painful knee injury for approximately 4 weeks HERE. Anyways I have had my knee wrapped up with the rock tape which has been really helpful. It looks quite funny though and causes stares when I have got to wear dresses even though its slightly covered by my 30 denier thighs, but the truth is that when you are really in pain you don't care at all whose eyeballs pop out.

Anyways 3 days ago I had an appointment with the knee specialist, and after cross examinations etc, he gives his verdict which I wont bore you with but I have been referred to the physiotherapists. And interestingly I have been asked to get my heels back on lol(if I am sincere he said  a little inch, nothing like what I had on to a party yesterday. We all have a bit of stupidity in us right? hahaha God help me!)

I told myself however that before I meet the physiotherapists, I will try to lose a bit of weight. People who know me say I have nothing to worry about my weight, but I feel like these knees are under immense pressure so I will be embarking on a fruit & vegetable diet for most days this week and see how well I get on! I just hope those evil scales decide to reflect my hard work.

I dug up some salmon in my freezer and this is part of this week's veggies 😊

 I am posting this and feeling somewhat like Gordon Ramsay lol!

Most times we think the 'Process' isn't necessary and just want instant result(like I really do in this case). We live in an instant society where everything is instant so can we be blamed really?

This week trust the process, put the hard work in, have strong values, go above and beyond, say the right things and most importantly be the right person and it will surely pay off. Hang on!

This Week.....

Something to take into the week...

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Saturday, 20 May 2017


This morning as I said my prayers, I rounded it up with these words "Lord, today let me be your eyes, your ears and your hands. Let me light up someone else's world, let me bring hope to those in hopeless circumstances, let me cause someone to smile/laugh, as people come to me with their issues, and as my own issues prove challenging, give me wisdom to know how to respond and give the right counsel. I want to be a christian indeed, loving as Christ did and showing compassion along the way. Let me be true in my dealings....

Now as I was praying, I could hear my phone vibrate. When I was done with prayers, I went to the bathroom, did my stuff, put on my favourite channel SkyNews (lol) and when I was done with the headlines, I went to see why that phone kept buzzing.

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And it was an individual who needed my help as the situation was really dire. And instantly, the prayer I prayed, just flashed before me. I decided within me to help with a certain amount but the spirit said No! double the amount. Some days I really don't have the energy to argue with the Holy Spirit and this was one of those days. I just asked for the account number and made the transfer instantly because I felt, I might forget if I didn't deal with it ASAP or I might start deliberating on the amount to give .

The moral of all of this is, when you say a prayer, do you mean it? If you say I love God, do you obey His leading or do you start to rationalize when you are instructed? Be careful of the prayer you say, because the answer is on the way. The truth is that if I didn't help this individual, God would definitely have used someone else. But I am privileged to be used, and I am thankful to God for the grace to obey. Trust me the problem intelligent individuals have is that we always try to analyse every situation. But some situations require just 'Obedience' and not 'Analysis'

Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Past Is A Great Teacher But A Horrible Master!

A couple Sundays ago, as my pastor preached he said that the past is a horrible master.  He followed it up by saying that it is a great teacher.
At first I didn’t think much of this quote.  It seemed like another cliché that tried to convince us to let go of the past and not let it control us. However it didn’t just go over my head, rather the more I thought about this quote, it actually did mean more than that.  The notion that the past is a horrible master certainly points to the fact that it will be unwise to let the past control us. 

The insightful part is being able to see the complexity by also stating that the past is a great teacher. There is a distinct difference between those 2 sentences.  When looking at our past there is value in using it to shape our future.  But it shouldn’t control our future!

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During my days as a freshman at university, for some reason, I found my courses really tough bearing in mind that I hated the fact that I was in a microbiology class rather than a medicine & surgery class. I hated the university I attended, I hated everything about it: From the congested classes, to the lack of facilities, to the teachers who all seemed unapproachable, and the fact that home was just few miles away whilst I was always dream't of studying in a foreign university, everything just seemed to be wrong (laughs). 

My mind set affected my learning coupled with the fact that my parents tried their utmost to see that I travelled overseas to continue with my studies but none of their plans fell through. Before I could bat my eyelid, I was in my final year, my grades not great which is ironic for a girl who I think has some brains (laughs). I told myself that I will just manage to get through this and that’s me done. I will never see the 4 walls of the university ever again as a student.

Fast forward just 3 years after my 1st degree, I commenced my masters in a foreign university (dreams come through lol) and 3 years after that I started a doctoral research. Now remember this girl who hated university due to her past experience & said she would never go back to university? But here I am! For my masters, I smashed my courses, not because I got smarter but I ‘Learned’ from the past without allowing the bitter memories control my future.

I have had some relationships that ended well, and some that ended really sour. For some of them I don’t mind keeping in touch, for some others, it’s a case of we can be “cool from a distance” but in all my relationships, I just keep learning because I still have a long time to live if Jesus tarries and all the knowledge will be really helpful in the future. Stereotypes are formed most times when we let the past control our future. Some individuals have actually gone from being straight to being gay because of the experiences they have had with a particular gender which is very insensible reasoning in my opinion.

The key for me is improve. Are you learning from the past mistakes and working to improve over time or are we too scared to take risks based on our bitter past? Be it in relationships, business or just life in general?

Friday, 5 May 2017

On Replay...

Rock tape for the win!

For the past 3 weeks, I have been in excruciating pain due to a knee injury I sustained while running. I don't know if I tore a ligament, tissue or whatever but this knee has been sore, painful and inflamed to the extent that it began to really scare me. I prayed and prayed and my GP was not actually happy with the look and she referred me for an MRI and to a knee specialist.

I don't like taking drugs but I had to take NSAIDs a couple times but the effect was only temporal and the pain came back again with so much vengeance. However a colleague introduced me to the rock tape and its been a life saver. It just seems like a miracle. I can now drive without feeling any pain at all, its not completely healed but on a scale of 1-10, the pain level is at 3 while previously it was at a 10!

Good thing about it is that you can take a shower, swim and do regular stuff with it. I decided to share to help someone out there. Having any muscular, rheumatoid etc pains, give it a try. Check YouTube videos for more info.

Rhema of the day!

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Start Living!

Life presents us with so many people to impress which alters the way we live our lives. The unfortunate part is that if we keep seeking validation in people, then we end up living a life of discontentment, a life in which we build walls which ends up imprisoning us, limiting us and eventually making us puppets of the same people we seek validation from.

In September, I started a new job and with a new job, comes the pressure to have your new team like you and approve of what you do. But you know what, my mantra is always that I will do this job to the best of my ability, for myself, not to please anyone but to justify 'ME'. I was not employed to make friends but to do a job and guess what? I have done that job very well to the glory of God!

3 months into the job, I referred a friend, who got taken on and as a result of my referral, she had several stages of the interview bypassed because I was consulted on her work ethics, personality and intellectual capacity.

Last week, I received such a wonderful appraisal again. My focus has been to do this job well especially seeing that it is linked to my future plans and because I have done it well by Gods grace, it has made virtually everyone sing my praise.

Lesson for today! Live your life and do whatever your hands come across properly for yourself and not to just seek validation!!

Monday, 1 May 2017

On replay...

The Sunday service yesterday was really soul searching. The message was on 'Forgiveness'. We are all guilty of unforgiveness but if we must be 'Christlike', this is one attribute we must prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to help us with. And this song here was not just my highlight but I think the entire church. It was sang over and over and my entire yesterday, I kept hearing the lyrics in my conscious and subconscious.

Word For Today.....

The grass is not greener....

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