Saturday, 29 July 2017

Life's Lessons...

Sometimes in life, you go through a stage and when you are done with that phase of your life, you shut the door and think you will never need the knowledge/experience again. But alas..... it shows up again! hahahaha
This is how my Saturday morning began, with a cuppa by the side.(my professor life! lol)

But now lets go turn up for that wedding..... hehehe 😊

Friday, 28 July 2017

Rhema of the day!

This prayer has been on my lips since yesterday. I actually sent it to a few individuals yesterday.

Today however, I was led to share it here. If your eyes are fixed on God, you can never be put to shame. This is no cliche, I have a lot of experiences to buttress this scripture.

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Have a fab day y'all


Out there, you will hear a lot, see a lot & experience a lot.

But in all of these...... Be responsible for your state of mind!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

On Replay...

Future View...

Last week, Volvo announced that in 2019, it will stop the production of diesel and petrol cars and produce only Hybrid and electric cars. Just today the UK government announced that by 2040, there would be a ban on petrol and diesel powered cars, some parts of Europe actually have this ban set for earlier dates.

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Photocredit: Good Pitch Australia

2 years ago, I was at a conference at Harvard University and quite a number of researchers were working on several innovative ideas for the future. In their own words they said that in a couple years some professionals would be out of jobs due to what their coming up with. I will not name those professions for obvious reasons. Now as I sat listening to the news with my cuppa in one hand, I kept thinking of how relevant I was to my present employer. I pray that by next year if everything goes as planned I will successfully be able to say that I am "self employed" but even at that, how relevant will my business be ? How good is my USP(unique selling point), how well am I doing with identifying the gap in the market? To be successful, you must be relevant and quick to observe various changes, not just in your immediate environment but globally. The future belongs to the courageous....

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


In case you are still waiting for the right moment/right conditions, don't forget to 'Bloom'.....

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Photocredit: Darcyholic diversions

Entrepreneur Minds...

This word is for me especially and others out there who are very particular about crossing our T's and doting our I's. Sometimes we just have to get going....

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Believe in Yourself!

I just love Roger Federer and his elegance as he plays tennis. For me its Roger & others lol! 🙂

However I love the fact that he defied all odds, to win his 8th Wimbledon tournament!

Also check out, what he says ........

Summary of it all... Believe in yourself

Have a fab day guys!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

30s & thriving...

I don't know who in the world started this myth that when you get to 30, everything goes down hill. Its made a lot of people approach 30 with so much trepidation. Getting to 30 as a single lady with no children is like the dread of every young girl out there because of what the society has made us believe. But you know what? Once you hit the big 3-0, the next thing you ask yourself is "is this it"? Or at least that was the question, I asked myself. I have ended up doing so much more in my 30s than I actually planned. Life indeed is for the living.

As the sports analysts keep analysing Wimbledon and the fact that the 2 favourites to win; Roger & Venus are in their 30s, it just makes me smile. Indeed as a man thinks in his heart, so is he...

Miracles or Blessings?

2 years ago, a friend recommended I listen to Andrew Wommack and sent me a video. Since then I have been glued to his preaching. I must confess, you must really open your mind up if you want to benefit from his preaching because initially it appears contrary to what we have been made to believe by religious dogma. Yesterday I listened to this and I gained a lot of insight as I constantly pray for miracles without having a clear understanding that I need to pray for blessings rather than miracles. Its a series but I just had to share this. If you are blessed, watch the rest via YouTube.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Know your worth!

I discovered Pierre Jeanty's handle on IG and I must say, I have enjoyed reading his quotes/ poetry etc.
So many people today seek validation in the wrong places and forget to really live... Well this is what he had to say...

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Daughter's Power!

I really don't like to bring politics to the blog due to its really controversial nature which could get really toxic and hinder the purpose of the blog which is to inspire and lift.

But this lady here, Ivanka Trump has just caught my attention since her father decided to run. Donald Trump is a man who has been known to make really sexist comments as well as speak derogatorily about women but when it comes to Ivanka, she can do no wrong. As I watched her take seat at the G20 Summit, it just made me smile and I have been having deep conversations with some of my friends(politics is one of my favourite topics, don't ask me why lol). Now I am not here to support or disapprove of that, I leave it to the American legislation.

My take however: Train your children properly. He has trained his children to lead and that is what they are doing. She sat down on that seat knowing that not everyone was happy with that but...."you gotta do what you gotta do right" lol! A daughter has so much powers, I say this from personal experience. We might be married, single, grown or little.... but we definitely know the right buttons to press when it comes to our father's heart. And we do that for a lifetime....😊

Cheers to all the sensible daughter's out there lol!

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Monday, 10 July 2017

All foam, No Beer!

What is your reaction when you listen to someone or some people or you read people's take on a situation and its just completely void of intelligence or even logic/rationale?

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Previously I will try my utmost to convince the person/people to understand the situation from a different perspective. Now I just look and keep mute. Sometimes I hear the words "Elly wont you say something"? And my response is, I have got nothing to say especially when I can tell their minds are closed. I literally don't have the time for arguments or trying to convince people.😕

Whats your reaction? Please share!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Word for today...

I listened to Bill Clinton's  speech 3 days ago at Helmut Kohls funeral and the words that he said cut deep and for some reason has been playing back on my mind. Its in the marble below: Indeed one day, we will all be in a coffin, but the question is how are we living.... At some point nothing will count, not the careers we spent time building or the silly wars we fought or the hatred we had..... but how we lived and the lives we touched.....
Are you living for Christ?

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