Thursday, 31 August 2017

Elly's Thoughts....

We are making poor choices and silly mistakes due to anxiety, lack of clarity and impatience. We've got to remind ourselves to Calm Down really!

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Be Gracious....

Character speaks so loud and this is one of the many reasons we have to be very careful of not just what we say, but what we do. Speaking to someone recently who felt I was intentionally keeping a distance, my response was "Your words don't align with your actions and at this moment I am genuinely busy trying to meet deadlines of some targets so I don't have time to figure out why that's the case with you but when I am less busy, I might try to revisit the situation". Now some might say, that's ice cold, but I will say, that's being black and white crystal clear. This is same reason why lots of people make a mess of their message because they preach something else and their actions are a direct opposite of what they preach! No graciousness in their actions.

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Now at my gym class, the instructor asked us to go get mats as it was needed for the next session. Everyone went to the mat stand and picked up one, but this lady, picked up about 5 mats and began distributing to those of us behind her. Tell me about graciousness. The holy spirit began to speak to me about graciousness at that point.

Now when I am driving, sometimes I find out I am in the wrong lane, and I indicate that I need to join a different lane, some people just blatantly ignore, while others just let me get on ahead of them.  The holy spirit again says to me, even on the road, you can tell a persons character. I am now very aware of other road users, and I see no big deal in letting one or two cars go ahead of me at a very tight intersection.

I was in New York with a friend and as we got off the train and went past the barriers, a man was rummaging through his bag and was still behind the barriers as we all went past him. Now my friend goes to him and says "Sir is everything okay"? Because there was a possibility that he couldn't go past the barriers because he had misplaced his ticket.

Graciousness means we are kind and thoughtful of others. Living in London for quite some time has taught me to be more polite even though most times, its quite superficial for Londoners lol! I also ask others if they care for tea and coffee when I go to get one for myself. Now for some it might be superficial, but the tricky thing about character is that people can tell if you are genuine or not.

In All, Be Gracious!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

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Your life's assignment!

Acts 20:24

To miss out on your assignment in life is to miss out on why God put you on earth. You’re gifted and called by God, and you need to take it seriously. The question is not what are you running from, but what are you moving towards? To succeed you must know God’s will and concentrate on fulfilling it. Having a powerful ‘why’ will provide you with the necessary ‘how’. Purpose, not money and talent, is your greatest asset. 

To help you discover your life’s assignment, answer these questions: 1) What’s your temperament and what’s your talent? Psychologist and motivational speaker Charles Garfield said, ‘Peak performers are people who are committed to a compelling mission. It is very clear that they care deeply about what they do, and their efforts, energies, and enthusiasms are traceable back to that particular mission.’ 2) Why do you do what you do? There’s a big difference between doing something because you believe God’s called you to do it, and doing what your parents, friends, or ego wants you to do. 3) What do you not do well? Knowing what you’re called to do often starts with discovering what you’re not called to do. When you can accept your limitations, you’re on the road to understanding your life’s assignment. When you pretend to be something you’re not, you live with a chronic sense of inadequacy and set yourself up for frustration. Don’t do that. Be open to the truth about yourself. Discover your God-given assignment, then give yourself to it.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Today's thoughts...

There is a lot out there that poses a distraction and all are competing for your attention.

But not all deserve your time, reaction, action  or energy!

Invest your time wisely!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Today's Thoughts...

Just a lil reminder as we start the working week.... It's so fashionable to call God's name, write an epistle about our love for Him on every post, speak the language etc but do our lives and choices actually reflect this?

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I love her and I love the way she sings His praise......

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Rhema of the day!

During my devotion today, the 36th chapter of Jeremiah, was among the scriptures that I meditated on. But the end of verse 26 was the major rhema I received for today. I am a news junkie and despite the woes and distressing headlines that make up like 90% of the news, I just keep listening. I tell people, I am addicted to the news channel. Yesterday, over the news, the verdict was given for a young man who killed his own brother on New Year's day by burning him alive while he slept and my heart was really heavy. However, verse 26 was like a reassuring word to me that despite the evil in the world, the Lord knows how to protect His own.  My soul indeed finds rest in God! Do you find your rest in God?

Thursday, 10 August 2017

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Qualitative analysis of interview data: A step-by-step guide

For the scholars out there, I found this really useful while reading up on CAQDAS and I just had to share. It's not just scholars that might need this but even individuals managing some sorts of project. This blog is all about inspiration. Drop a comment, if you have been inspired in anyway by any post ):

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Fighting With The Word Of God In Trials - Lisa Bevere

I listened to Lisa for the first time on Saturday after she followed me on twitter. From time to time I have some big shots follow me on twitter. I don't know how that happens;Maybe its just technical errors lol! One thing I must say though is that the first time I listened to her, I fell in love with her. She's just my type of girl hahaha. I sent this clip to a few individuals as it is my pattern to share inspiration when ever I get inspired and today I just thought to equally share it here. I am confident someone out there will be blessed by this message.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

tbt......70s Favourite!

Today as I was going about my business, my phone kept buzzing, and when this carried on, I picked up the phone only to see that my favourite cousin had sent me loads of pictures which were blast from the past lol!

I admire my parents so much, not just for all they have taught  me but also for what they stand for. They are indeed 'Goals' 😄

So for the very first time on this blog, I dedicate this throwback Thursday to them.

My mum is indeed the original slay Queen!

Fashion indeed can be bought. But style, one must possess. Edna Woolman 

Couple Goals! hahaha

Elly's thoughts....

Some times our reactions are impulsive which leave a bitter after taste. The older I get though, I am learning that things are not always as they appear to be and the best way to approach lack of clarity or even test a persons character, is to give that person or situation 'Time'. My mantra is: "Time is a revealer". And if you are committed to prayer with the approach stated below, you will save yourself so much heartache.

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