Saturday, 30 September 2017

BP Southern Africa CEO- Priscillah Mabelane

I read about Priscillah, 2 days after she was appointed as the first black female CEO of BP in its history on the 28th of August and the first thing that came to mind is that we complain about the glass ceiling which truly exists but in all honesty, if the opportunity presents itself, will we truly be ready? Are you developing yourself to shatter that glass ceiling? Impossible is nothing.... it only takes longer! I tell myself everyday " Elly you have to prepare yourself for that future you desire, the impact you will make is dependent on how much you have learnt, you are learning and you are prepared to learn". What do you tell yourself?

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Multi-national oil company BP appointed South African chartered accountant Priscillah Mabelane as the chief executive of its Southern Africa operation.

Mabelane’s appointment on Monday makes her the first black woman in history to head a multi-national oil company.

“Priscillah’s appointment reinforces BPSA’s pioneering role and strength of commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce that will breed creativity and ensure we meet, even exceed customer expectations,” said the BP Southern Africa chairperson Thandi Orleyn.

“Given her proven track record in her previous executive roles, we are confident that Priscillah will be a strong leader for our business, especially as we continue to explore new areas of growth and development,” Orleyn was quoted by local media eNCA.

Priscillah Mabelane has worked with BPSA since 2011 when she joined the company as the Chief Financial Officer.

Prior to that, she has served in executive positions at several companies including Ernst & Young, Eskom Holdings Limited, Airports Company South Africa and Vodacom Group Limited spanning a period of 20 years.

She assumed the role on the 1st of  September.


Not sure? Give it time.....

Thinking of giving up? Not just yet! Give it time....

Does the situation seem impossible? Give it time...

Feeling hurt? You will be fine in the end. Give it time...

I always say that we see clarity in the details over a period of time. This morning as I was doing some work and looking for some resource, I stumbled on a certain individual all the way in Brazil and underneath her name it said "cited you in her research" and it made me smile. It was not part of my plan to have my work cited, but every now and again, I get notifications of people citing my work or reading my papers and from very far ends, thanks to globalisation. Sometimes the result seems like a mirage but one thing is certain, if you put the work in, results day will surely come! Keep walking! Dont stop!

Now that's a happy face! Thankful for the weekend!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Joke of the day! 'Heart Break' or 'Break the Bank'?

Image result for joking face emojiI was trying to book tickets for a family holiday and my brother read the price of the ticket wrongly as £1206 and the following conversation ensued between the both of us. And I thought to ask, which would people prefer? Heartbreak or break the Bank ?  Lol😀😀. Not a very sensible question someone might say, but learn to laugh.... Life is easy.  And drop your comments too.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Real Talk...

If the energy people spent doing nonsense was put into something more productive, the world would be an interesting place.

Skimmed milk vs Whole Milk

Whenever I go grocery shopping, and I need to pick up milk, I always pick up the green cap(semi skimmed). However there's always so much debate on the health benefit of whole milk vs semi skimmed. I have just read this research findings and I have made my decision and please I don't need any plant substitute advice 😜

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It’s the first thing we reach for in the fridge when we stumble into the kitchen for a morning cuppa.
Most of us probably won’t give it a second thought – but the colour of the plastic cap on your milk bottle could make a big difference to your health. And it’s not what you might think…
Research from America found that people who drink whole milk (with the blue lid) have a lower risk of diabetes than those who don’t.

The 15-year-long study by Tufts University looked at 3,333 people aged between 30 and 75. The researchers found that people with high levels of three different by-products of full-fat dairy in their bodies had a 46% lower risk of diabetes mellitus than those who had low levels of dairy fat.
Dr Dariush Mozaffarian, whose findings were published in the journal Circulation, told Time:  “I think these findings, together with those from other studies do call for a change in the policy of recommending only low-fat dairy products. There is no prospective human evidence that people who eat low-fat dairy do better than people who eat whole-fat dairy.”

In recent years, we’ve all been led to believe we should cut down on fat to reduce our calorie intakes (and waistlines), but studies have found that when we cut out fat from our diet, we tend to bulk up on other calorific foods, including carbs and sugar, which can give us a much higher risk of diabetes in the long run.
In another study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers looked at the link between full and low-fat dairy and obesity in women. They found, strangely, that those who ate the most high-fat dairy products actually lowered their risk of being obese or overweight by 8%.

Isn’t semi-skimmed OK?
Current health guidelines recommend children from the age of one drink whole milk and, over the age of two, gradually move to semi-skimmed milk as a drink to cut down on saturated fat, as long as they’re eating a balanced diet and growing well.

But although it’s lower in fat and calories, semi-skimmed milk also has lower levels of fat-soluble vitamins, including A and E, than whole milk, so children and grown-ups might be missing out on nutrition by optiNew advice says whole milk might be better for us than skimmed – we asked the experts to find for the green-topped milk.

Dr Mozaffarian says: “We should be telling people to eat a variety of dairy and remove the recommendation about fat content.”

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Some sights....

I saw this Instagram post by Pierre Jeanty who is a poet and it made me smile....

I will leave it here for someone out there!

Forgot to add that I love it hahaha

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Entrepreneur Minds....

Today at work, I was given this book.  Every employee was actually given a copy and as I looked at it, and thought of all the things going on at work, it made me smile. We were actually meant to get this book since July, I remember being at a meeting and it was said of how wonderful this book was.

Now the pressure at work has been quite intense but as I held the book in my hands, I smiled as I thought to myself, Just before they turn up the heat, they prepare our minds....

As a future employer, I know that the heat will be really intense some times because its actually at those times, that we see the best in ourselves. A calm sea never makes skillful sailors. Call me tough, I have been told by one of my friends in the past that I will make a really tough boss and just this evening over dinner, I was told I was quite firm which I think maybe the individual was being polite lol! Truth is, you don't start a business and go on vacation. You put the work in, and different people will interpret it differently. So today, my learning for the future is "Just before you turn up the heat, prepare their minds". Inspired?

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Husbands & Wives...

I just love UCB's devotional. For me it's the most practical and relevant as well as life changing devotional out there(my opinion). Submission and love are 2 words frequently misconstrued in relationships but I pray for God's understanding for everyone who is reading this and I am not exempted. Our generation is really getting it so wrong in many facets but God help us all. Amen!

‘Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman.'

1 Corinthians 11:3
Paul writes, ‘I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of the woman, and God is the head of Christ.’ There is an order to how God operates. Just as Christ was submitted to God, husbands are supposed to be submitted to Christ, and wives are supposed to be submitted to godly husbands. Note the words, ‘the man is the head of the woman’ - not all women. This arrangement doesn’t apply in the workplace or in other relationships. When we fail to honour God’s structure, Satan can enter our homes just as he entered the first home in Eden. ‘Submission’ is an unpopular word today. But when we understand it from a biblical perspective, we see that it’s a positive force to accomplish good, not a negative force to subject women to an inferior status. 

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The Greek word for submission, hupotasso, means to willingly place oneself under the authority of another. It doesn’t involve coercion, but rather a willingness to take who and what God made you, and submit it to the authority of another. In the husband’s case, to God, and in the wife’s case, to God and to her husband. Paul writes, ‘Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her’ (Ephesians 5:25 NIV 2011 Edition). When a husband loves his wife that way, and gives himself to her, she will gladly submit to his leadership in the home. It’s her husband’s love and protection that releases her into the fullness of her God-given potential.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

On Replay......

So much controversy about this song but I love it! In all Gods name is praised!

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Development Vs Destination

I have felt overwhelmed for sometime because I set a few deadlines and reviewing these deadlines they seem a bit impossible.  I have a project that I am working on which I need to bring to an end by December but with December around the corner and the project far from nearing conclusion, it made me really sad. As I drove to church today, I whispered a silent prayer "God I need help, give me strength, I really need supernatural speed and I need a word from you as I go to your house today".

And you know what, He hears and He answers. He used a very young 20 year old to preach the message today and she was such a blessing.

This word down here was a rhema for me and almost like instantly my perception changed. I actually had to make a post it note as a reminder 😊
Don't devalue your development over your destination

Sometimes we are so consumed with the final 'Destination' that we forget our 'Development' as we make progress along the way. 
So my diary is out and the check list is getting ticked. I feel like " Bring it on this week, I am ready"! Lol.

Have a really blessed week Y'all

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