Thursday, 21 February 2019

You determine your worth!

Most times we complain that people don't treat us right but the raw truth is that most times we empower individuals to treat us less than should... I will be honest, when it comes to buying presents, I buy presents based on how I perceive the individual not necessarily what I feel for them on most occasions (being real here). If you don't know the worth of gold, I won't waste my time buying you gold! No way!! I will get you what I've seen on you & if its plastic, that's what you get!(straight face). If you eat only organic foods, when I decide to do groceries for you, I will go to the organic store even though it's not my regular store but for the individual I will.

If people know that your standards are high, when it comes to service delivery for an event  or business deal, they will try to deliver exceptional service unintentionally because somewhere in their head, they feel 'You' are difficult to please & they don't want problems.  Likewise if they perceive you to be gullible, they will act without regard.

You've got to learn to love 'You', treat 'You' right & value 'You' & only then will people begin to adjust. Not everyone will, don't get me wrong but most will treat you with a different approach from the rest.

Love're worth more! You're a child of God!!! And that's more than enough!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Stop striving!

This was on the UCB devotional about 4 days ago but the message has remained with me. Understanding & wisdom are really essential in this life. May God give us a heart of wisdom.

‘He decides who will rise and who will fall.’-Psalm 75:7 NLT

If you don’t find your significance and self-worth in your relationship with God, you’ll be tempted to spend your life trying to promote yourself. And that will make you insecure – and dangerous. Why? Because when others get promoted ahead of you, you’ll become resentful; you may even try to tear them down. In God’s kingdom you don’t achieve success on your own, you receive it from God. ‘God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another’ (KJV). While David’s brothers were striving to be Israel’s next king and ‘get the nod’ from the prophet Samuel, David just kept tending his sheep and doing the job God gave him. Let others compete and compare! Just stay faithful in what God has given you to do – and when the time is right He’ll come and get you! Jesus said, ‘My yoke is easy, and my burden is light’ (Matthew 11:30 KJV). 

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Photocredit: James Pruch

Note the word ‘easy’. When you try to promote yourself, you have to sweat, strain, and struggle, but when you trust God and do things His way, it comes ‘easy’. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard or sacrifice in order to succeed. It just means you won’t have to strive to get it, or keep it. Why? Because when God sets ‘before you an open door’ (Revelation 3:8 NIV 2011 Edition), He’s the only one who can shut it. And He won’t do that unless, like King Saul, you’re rebellious, resentful, or refuse to repent. Knowing God is in control takes the strain out of serving Him. When you think about it – it’s the only way to live.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

The Rain Will Come...


Sometimes all we need to do is sit & wait for the salvation of the Lord. EX 14: 13. I said "sit" intentionally because sometimes there's no energy to stand because we are exhausted from going in our own strength. 2 days ago I had a conversation that set me in a reflective mood & as I went over all the prayers that were yet to be answered & the impact of what I considered delays, the holy spirit reminded me that Noah built the ark & He was made jest of because he trusted & obeyed God. But just one day, the RAIN came down!!!! If you're waiting & it seems like a far cry, please hold on!!! The RAIN is coming!! I strongly believe for me & encourage you to believe for you!!

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