Thursday, 15 August 2019

Clarity in the details...

For the past couple weeks I have been toying with the idea of having a career change. This started with just an email that was intended for my career 7 years ago. Apparently, the recruiter had no idea I had moved on and how much had happened career wise in the past 7 years.... (smiles)

However, after I read that email, things were never the same. I always say, when God speaks, He does so in various forms. The problem is that most times we expect thunder & lightning to believe God is speaking but No! He does that in our regular day to day activities but the question is; Are you attentive?

I did not want to make a hasty move, so I went on holiday, still praying about it & thinking as well as weighing my options & re-evaluating my objectives ( For me, knowing why I take decisions is paramount & I have to agree with me!) Now I think with every passing moment, its beginning to fall in place & I am getting clarity.

When people seek my opinions on issues regarding relationships, business ventures, relocation, marriage etc, my answer is always "Give it time". This is because its something that works for me and there is always clarity in the details with time.....

Most times, we feel pressured to make quick decisions. I am not implying that you go at snail speed for the rest of your life. However if it is going to have a huge impact, the little time you put in to gain clarity, is nothing compared with a lifetime of pain if it all goes pear shaped!

Today.... Give it time!

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