Monday, 25 May 2015

Just Giving Phase 2

About 4 weeks ago, I brought you a few pictures of the Just Giving phase 1 project between Sparkles "Just Giving" and Ellyeleanor foundation HERE and I said the part 2 was coming soon. Well I am glad to say that we have accomplished the phase 2, with more lives touched, more families helped, and increased determination to do more just for the love of God and humanity. I will not cease to say a 'BIG THANK YOU' to all who have supported and still supporting this project and please if you want to be part of this, don't hesitate to let me know. The pictures tell a tiny fraction of the actual story....

packing and sorting the non edibles

Part of the indefatigable team that made the process easier

The task was  really big,  we just had to pray

Cross section of some of the families helped in Imo State Nigeria

They were remembered, it came as a suprise

Every child matters.....

They smile! We smile!

This is an 18 month old baby, lying on a bare floor
on a tiny bit of torn linoleum carpet

The first recipient of our scholarship in a private school, Uchechi and her mum& brother. Behind them, is a place, they call home....

The smile of exhaustion but we kept on!

We even made it to the front pages of the papers. Most times good news seems to travel like sound, while bad news like the speed of light, but this time, it proved otherwise. Thanks to everyone who believed in our dreams, we are determined to do more, but we cant do it without you. Please drop me a line @ For more pics and upcoming events please visit our site@      


  1. Wow!Welldone girl on a very worthy cause.God bless and prosper your team.

    1. Amen! Thanks so much Esosa, we would be glad to have you on that team ):

  2. Well done and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks so much amy wisdom, and thanks soooooo much for your generous contribution. God bless you big ):

  3. I'm highly impressed by your work. God's grace and favour all the way.


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