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Entrepreneur Minds......Our Girl....

Yesterday I was interviewed for a show, and one of the questions I was asked was what my advise was for anyone trying to start up a business/pursue their dreams? My response... "Just go for it! Don't procrastinate, don't wait for the timing to be right because there might never be a "right time" in all honesty, the more you delay, the more your passion wanes.

Today on "Entrepreneur Minds", I am proud to present this gorgeous smart cookie, She's not just on a journey to become an Architect, but as an undergraduate, shes pursuing her passion and doing a fabulous job as "The hairchitect". Tell me about passion, time management, creativity & resilience and I will mention Sophia! Shes indeed "Our Girl". Watch out for  her...

Facebook  page:
IG : The Hairchitect.

Who is Sophia? 

Sophia is first and foremost a child of God , a real.. Reeaaaaal product of grace . A content creator who tries in her own little way to emulate the creativity of her Father !! A daughter! A big sister to two younger girls , A worship leader , A student , the hairchitect ! Someone passionate about creativity!

What do you do? 

As mentioned above , I do a lot of things ! I minister in song , I style hair , I do makeup , I study architecture .

 How did you get into hair/makeup?

I've grown up around creativity . I studied art for 6 years of my life . When I was younger my mum would create dresses for myself and my sisters .. And our dolls ! She also ran a successful hairdressing business , so I was privileged to get some first hand exposure to the trade . I've always been an inquisitive person , so I would sit for hours watching my mum braid hair or sew in a weave and try to replicate what I'd seen on my dolls. I started this at age 10, however there was no real pressure to get serious with it until I reached age 15 and wanted to wear weaves and fit in with my peers ! I begged and begged my mum to sew in a weave for me but she was NOT having it !  Her 15 year old daughter with weave ? No way !  So the rebel in me decided to learn how to do weaves on myself ! Simple !! Lol ! From then on , my business took off ! As of recent ( just over 1 year ago ) , I've started to venture into the field of hairstyling ( not just sewing in weaves/ doing braids etc ) . I
Love the challenges it presents me with and the art produced at the end .

 Did you attend any formal training?

No not yet , but I have shadowed a few industry professionals and there is so much information out there in the form of video tutorials , blogs , online content  etc Self - teaching is now easier than ever!

How do you combine Architecture(study) with work?

In a few ways , I find similarities between architecture and hairstyling , hence the term I use to describe myself - the hairchitect . Both are about forming something out of nothing . Something with endless possibilities, that can be informed by a range of social , cultural and even economic factors . Both fields are about the way elements are able to exist in harmony to produce beauty . Both fields deal with human ideals of beauty . Hairstyling informs my architectural design     and has taught me the importance of process and creative thinking .

While at school , I try to limit my hairstyling work to weekends only . This gives me enough time to focus on my studies . The goal however is to get to a place where I'm able to think in both the language of architecture and hairstyling

 How did you come about the name GHABpro?

The name stands for Governor Hair and Beauty professionals!  The term Governor was something I used to go by when I was younger ! It's an accurate description of how I want my brand to be perceived in an already saturated market - as a leading force .

 Where do you see GHABpro in the future?

I see many things for GHABpro , but one of the main things is to have a positive impact on other people's lives in the same/an even better way that people have had an impact on mine . Whether it's using GHABpro's funds to finance large projects or passing on my skills to others , I'm blessed to be a blessing !

 What is your advice to anyone planning a start up business out there?

- Define your market niche -this will inform many of your processes .
- Be intentional with your money . Find a way to invest . Whether it be in your self , or others , view your money as a seed that will germinate and bring forth positive fruit
- Network - being friendly and appreciating the gifts in others will provide so many opportunities for you !
- Learn from others
- Define your brand - how do you want to be perceived . Understand how what you do or don't do will impact your brand .
- Have a vision , a goal . It will keep you grounded and dictate the way you do things .
- Identify your supporters and keep them close .. Also a be a supporter of others .
- You and your brand won't always be everyone's cup of tea .. That's fine . There are over 7 billion people in the world and at least one of them will like you !

- Don't be afraid to fall. True failure is not in merely falling and getting something wrong , but in accepting defeat and wearing it like a badge .

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