Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Entrepreneur Minds..

If you follow this blog, you must have realised that 'Entrepreneur Minds' is a recurrent tab. If you are new, welcome to the series, this is one of many to come. You can surf the blog for previous posts and get inspired. Starting a business is one thing, however starting a business in a country that you consider different due the time spent in the country, the belief system, the cultural differences and government regulations and policies is actually a 'Case study'. hahaha. When we think, Entrepreneur, we think liberation, innovation, self fulfillment and most importantly financial freedom! Yes!! I think the financial freedom comes first though hahahaha. But before money however comes character if the money must be sustained.

It couldn't have been clearer as I spoke with my dad as I discussed plans for the business I plan to launch in a country that has become home to me (smiles).  When I mention character, I am not just referring to honesty here, even though you don't need a soothsayer to tell you that's a major component. But in this case I am referring to 'YOU' or 'Me'.

For the context of this post, I will redefine character as the habits, patterns, planning and passion which define how well the business will thrive in Real time.

As children need routine, adults need routine equally but a lot do not understand this. Wasted time is worse than wasted money! Yes!!!

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And its not just who you spend your time with but what you spend your time doing. Social media is the biggest culprit. We invest so much time on this or on TV, watching other people build their empires. 

For the budding 'Entrepreneur' however, the first aspect of character, you have to develop is Discipline. Without discipline, you will have nothing done. It even comes down to how much time you spend in bed, spend in doing things that are not profitable, researching and planning and investing in people and businesses too....

I have a lot to say but for now, I still have a 9-5 job and I have to get to work and get to work early especially as I have got 2 more days before I kiss this job good bye and move on to the next exciting big stuff for me Yipee! ( Did you get my drift there?? Even when you hand in your resignation, hold your head high, take pride in yourself and put in the best you can because employers and colleagues never forget how you spent your last days. In summary.... They will talk about you, when you leave so give them more positives to talk about cos we are in the real world, they might say some negatives sometimes out of ignorance/stupidity or reality.

I have learned a lot on starting your business in a different climate..... Watch this space for more...

Have a fabulous week guys



Sunday, 21 August 2016

Victory...'The Miracle'

Every successful person has a story indeed..... And I will tell mine soon@ the Ellyeleanor Talk Show.

And if you are struggling with something today, a challenging situation, don't forget that as every successful person has a 'Past', every struggling person equally has a 'Future'. This week the Lord gave me victory over a very difficult situation. Something many termed impossible, but I prayed and I had peace in my heart. I worked as hard as I could, trusted God for a miracle, refused to let worry steal my joy and peace and the Lord landed me the 'Miracle'. As I told my story to a few individuals, their mouths stayed open in awe. Never say never especially when you walk in the Supernatural. Indeed all things are possible to them that believe and miracles still happen, I am a living proof...

Have a blessed week guys, may this be your best week yet....

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Does this person belong in my life.....

As I read my devotional this morning, it was just a confirmation of my decision last year. As I prayerfully entered 2016, I made several decisions regarding relationships and this decisions have caused me to soar. Venturing into bigger plans for this year, I had little tolerance for Pessimists and time wasters. The truth is that relationships have a way of affecting you in ways you could never imagine and how you spend your time and the people you spend your time with matter a great deal. Sometimes, the people we spend our time with are good people but I cant consistently spend considerable hours of my day/week speaking to a good person that is going nowhere. That's the harsh reality.... Anyways I will come back to this later, when I share my 2016 Diary. Its been an amazing year....


Can two walk together unless they are agreed? Amos 3:3
A toxic relationship is like a limb with gangrene: unless you amputate it the infection can spread and kill you. Without the courage to cut off what refuses to heal, you’ll end up losing a lot more. Your personal growth - and in some cases your healing - will only be expedited by establishing relationships with the right people. Maybe you’ve heard the story about the scorpion who asked the frog to carry him across the river because he couldn’t swim. ‘I’m afraid you’ll sting me,’ replied the frog. The scorpion smiled reassuringly and said, ‘Of course I won’t. If I did that we’d both drown!’ So the frog agreed, and the scorpion hopped on his back. Wouldn’t you know it: halfway across the river the scorpion stung him! As they began to sink the frog lamented, ‘You promised you wouldn’t sting me. Why’d you do it?’ The scorpion replied, ‘I can’t help it. It’s my nature!’ Until God changes the other person’s nature, they have the power to affect and infect you. For example, when you feel passionately about something but others don’t, it’s like trying to dance a foxtrot with someone who only knows how to waltz. You picked the wrong dance partner! Don’t get tied up with someone who doesn’t share your values and God-given goals. Some issues can be corrected through counselling, prayer, teaching, and leadership. But you can’t teach someone to care; if they don’t care they’ll pollute your environment, kill your productivity, and break your rhythm with constant complaints. That’s why it’s important to pray and ask God, ‘Does this person belong in my life?’(ucb.co.uk)

Friday, 5 August 2016

A July To Remember.....

July 2016 for me, will be an unforgettable one. I hear miracles and to be fair I have seen some amazing turn arounds in my family and in the lives of some of my close friends. Personally I have experienced Gods grace and blessings in several ways but this year....... God has outdone Himself in my life.

A Month To Remember
Photocredit: mtfw.net

I saw God show up in ways that I have never experienced my entire life. I have prayed many prayers but in the months leading up to July, I experienced peace like never before and miracles pop here and there. Peace indeed is a gift God gives His children. A few people who had a knowledge of my situation made exclamations like "Elly you are one strong lady, how do you do it" and when its coming from the male folk from different races and collectively saying same thing, you know they must be really amazed to acknowledge that. But whenever I get that remark, my response was always "God loves me, I prayed and He has done this miracle and I am forever thankful" Indeed He makes it all beautiful in His time. 

In the month of August however, I was led to start a spiritual focus for every month. This month, the focus is on Jer 33;3 and I can tell you, I am seeing manifestations already. I actually got my immediate family involved and a close friend involved and almost everyone has a good story to tell. You can join me and prayerfully have a spiritual focus for every month of the year. Lets be intentional about our spiritual state and watch God move in amazing ways. 

Cheers to a Fabulous August....

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Harmonize & Go...

When it comes to handbags and wristwatches, those are my downfall. Every day I pray God for strength to overcome these 'Sins' and I think He has been helping me, the major issue is that I cant tell if I am ready to help myself lol! But when it comes to getting Nutribullet,  I become very economical, I realise that I have investments to make, savings target to reach and charity work to do. However I love my smoothies and I have got a blender that crushes even ice, so whats not to love about this blender and why would I bother with nutribullet lol!. I also have a warranty, so the day it stops crushing ice, I am on my way for an exchange hahahaha. So if you love your smoothies don't let anything stop you even if it means, using a mortar and pestle hahaha. I love fruits but its a whole lot easier just having it all in a glass. After work a few hours ago I got in and just needed something refreshing, and so I had strawberries, apples, bananas, blueberries, clemetines, grapes and greek yogurt all in one place and the result can be seen below.  How refreshing!  

Looking at the blender and thinking of washing up after makes me realise I still prefer the ease of the nutribullet cup. Lol!



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