Saturday, 20 January 2018

Woman of the day- Jacinda Arden!

Yesterday the news of Newzealand's prime minister expecting her first child while in office brought smiles to my face. At 37 and being one of the youngest prime ministers to be elected in office, you understand why I feel so much joy. Now this is not a regular sight and some might argue that many factors are responsible but sincerely, all I choose to see is a hardworking young lady who is pushing barriers and smashing those glass ceilings and for me, that is enough!

We are told a lot of times that we cant have it all, but again and again 'we' try to prove them wrong.... 😊

Cheers to all the women out there who are doing it big with a good head!

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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Entrepreneur minds...

For quite some time since I can remember, I have always had a side hustle. However in 2017, my side hustle really paid and brought me in contact with some really cool people. The good thing about a side hustle is that you always win to a large extent because you are either making money or pursuing a passion which is quite fulfilling.

I was thinking to myself a few days ago that I needed more side hustles in 2018 hahaha.
What was your side hustle in 2017 or what do you plan to do in 2018? Feel free to share and remember that the sky is too wide for 2 birds to clash...

Have a fabulous week y'all.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Sources of help...

2 days ago, I got a call and at first I thought it was one of my friends trying to pull a fast trick on me. But as the  conversation progressed, I found out that it was not just a genuine call but a really important one and in fact one of the answers to the prayers I had made. At this point, I put on my game face, game voice and I sat uprightly hahaha. This was because I had actually just got in from a long day after driving 21 miles with traffic on the road, I was just knackered, snacking and watching TV curled up on the couch while waiting for dinner to heat up when the call came in. The funny thing is that I knew someone else who was formerly in that position but never deemed it necessary to be of help...... But come to think of it, if the help had come from her, I would have been indebted to her and every form of my success in that area would have been attributed to her help. But here I am, being helped by someone I barely know, never met but he's trusting me with so much money and not just that but speaking to others and getting them to equally partner with me in this project. It can only be God!! He does it so that all the praise goes to Him. The scripture that comes to mind is that "He calls those things that are not as though they were" Rm 4: 17.
The problem with hoping that certain people help us  is that we begin to have unrealistic expectations and because they are human, there is  quite a high tendency for them to fall short. Today put your absolute trust in God, He has a way of doing things that leave us speechless. He will always send help...
In 2018, there will be tough days and easy days but I pray that in all, we will always find many reasons to smile just as I am smiling in the picture 😊. However may our smiles not just be for the click of the camera but may it be due to an overflowing joy that flows from our heart & the assurance that comes from knowing that in spite of the tough days, 'it is indeed well'

Enjoy the rest of the 354 days of 2018 😉


Thursday, 4 January 2018

A different start...

Its a new year & before I start with any epistle, let me start by praying Gods blessings & guidance over you & yours if you are reading this. I said God's blessings & guidance because to me they are practically intertwined. You have to follow his leading, to reach the desired destination & God never leads anyone to failure. The thoughts of the Lord towards us are good to give us an expected end Jer 29: 11.

New year resolutions on the other hand seem to be more like a cliche.... I don't make them but if it works for you, then fair and good. I however have a prayer guide that I kick start the year with and every year, I present my life goals to God and pray that I understand his Path and not get too consumed in my own plans because He always has better & bigger plans for me. My main focus this year is to be attentive to God's leading because I have a lot to do & I don't want to make fatal errors.

To keep it simple, the things I have told several individuals as well as myself this year are these:

1) In life, one size never fits all. Understand yourself & understand what works for you.

2) Children sometimes consider sleep a punitive measure but for an adult, sleep is always luxury. So what ever steals your sleep in 2018, get rid of it!

3) You are better of being resolute in the right decisions you make than making a whole lot of  vague resolutions that  are not 'SMART' (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & time-bound) & finally...

4) Be led by God ( This is the most important bit for me this year)

I wish everyone a 2018 filled with so much joy, peace & accomplishment of Goals



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