Monday, 12 November 2018

Tough Skin & tender heart

I was listening to Sheryl Brady yesterday & she mentioned that these 2 components: A tough skin + A tender heart are essential to survive in this world.
Few days ago, I was talking with a friend about a situation & I made this comment "people are responsible for making other people seem really tough due to experiences". Sometimes you do a good deed & right before your very eyes because of how the person responds afterwards which is sometimes unbelievable, you regret even helping in the first place. If this happens again & again, the individual might shut down entirely and not be willing to help anymore regardless of the situation. Sometimes when you see individuals who are so unwilling to help, its as a result of very bitter past experiences. But the word for today is..... keep doing good, don't let the world harden you heart rather develop a tough skin when it comes to doing the right thing/pursuing your dreams no matter how unconventional it might seem! 

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