Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Keep moving! Keep dreaming...

I was watching dragons den a few days ago. Its a program in which start ups or existing businesses come to venture capitalist known as dragons with their ideas in a bid to convince them to invest in their business in return for a percentage of the business. What caught my attention on this particular day was the age of the man named Peter who needed funding from the venture capitalists. Peter is 67 and as he presented his ideas, the dragons grilled him with lots of questions regarding his alternative milk product and I could see him trying to come up with the right answers to convince the dragons but the more he tried, the more he lost their confidence in his innovation. At some point, one of the dragons goes "Peter, when do you plan to retire" to which Peter responded "When I die". At that point I screamed good man!(hahaha).

Now Peter did not get the funds he needed from the dragons but his parting words were "I am going to go & modify this product because I believe it is going to fill a gap in the market & I know it will be profitable".

Remember Peter is 67! However I saw in this man an indomitable & determined spirit regardless of his age! He got a NO! but he kept moving!!! He was focused!! He was unstoppable!! Regardless of what life throws at you & how unfavourable some outcomes might be, just don't stop! Keep moving! Keep dreaming!

Go take charge of the rest of your week!!


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