Thursday, 14 November 2019

The change we are not ready for...

If you are hitting this blog for the first time, well done you! I hope you get inspired in some way and that inspiration leads to an improvement in your life. My name is Elly & I write as I am led by the holy spirit or sometimes by circumstances, events and people around me...

If you are a regular on the other hand, it's been a while and its not intentional... Life's been happening but God is good!

All through July, I have been uncomfortable with my present situation (career wise) and I wrote down the paths I was considering and I began research as well as ringing up individuals in those sectors.
I was in Dubai in August and before that trip I was seriously considering working internationally and that trip was going to provide me the information I needed (lets just say, I got more fun out of the trip than information hahaha😀).

However long story short, I decided to take a short route & I rang someone who I considered really influential in one of the financial institutions and lets just say we came to the agreement that my skills needed updating before I could get what I wanted (I knew this anyways, I was thinking I could bypass some steps! cheeky right?😏)

Most times we are desperate for change but when push comes to shove, we are really not ready!

I live in the UK, and we were desperate to live the EU but it is clear we are not ready for that change!!
The impact of this is really detrimental as the uncertainty is doing more damage to us than could have ever been predicted.

If you are craving change in your life, are you really ready? Do you have the right skills to bring about this change? Do you know the implications of what the desired change might bring?
Change is much more than wishful thinking.... I am not an advocate for living in fear/mediocrity...
However if risks must be taken, they must be calculated and if we really want change, there's a preparatory phase which should not be bypassed....

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