Saturday, 29 September 2018

Clamped Recovery Van

2 days ago, on my way home from work, I drove pass a clamped recovery van! Yes you heard me right "a clamped recovery van".... like the rescuer needs rescuing 😆

Image result for clamped RECOVERY VAN

However, I reflect a lot. I get inspiration from just about anything & any situation so at this point, I just started thinking of all the times we run to people for help but these 'go to' people also have flaws, they have hidden battles which we might never know of.

It is also the same with relationships we expect so much from partners both business partners and relationships. We expect them to jump at all our whims & caprices but we forget that these individuals are also flawed & most times equally need rescuing...

Yesterday a much older colleague asked how I was doing & I responded "okay", truth is that yesterday was actually a struggle & I think she could see through it because I am usually buzzing with so much energy and she goes "Elly... just okay"? And I responded "No, I'm a bit below okay" and I told her a concise version of what my triggers at the time were which lasted for about 90secs and afterwards she told me how she was feeling which lasted for about 5mins and as she spoke, she got upset & the tears began to flow from her & I began to encourage her......The irony of life is that I felt, she would be able to say a word or two to me but I ended up being the encourager. When the rescuer needs rescuing I call it... 

Bottom line is I've learnt that the holy spirit is the perfect one when it comes to needing a rescue. God sometimes uses people but when our expectations are solely on people, we end up worse off or having a large collection of flawed individuals who make up a larger pity party!

Anyways, I get so much healing from my alone time & I plan to do me this weekend.... my mum has promised to pay for a massage so its looking good already...😀😀

Hope you have a fab weekend..


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