Friday, 3 June 2016

Start The Spark!- Canada! 04:06:16

By now if you are an ardent reader of this blog, you must have realized that Ellyeleanor Foundation is our number one charity. This charity is not just the one off food provision charity but we are shaping tomorrows future by giving less privileged children access to qualitative education.

We presently have 5 children in the best private schools in their regions in Imo State Nigeria, and in March of this year, we shortlisted another 5 children and we also shortlisted a lady, whom we will be giving financial support to start petty trading.

We have Big Dreams, but limited funds and that is why we fundraise. This year, our "Start The Spark" campaign is targeted at getting more individuals and businesses involved because we are better together.

We are presently having a massive fundraiser in Canada as 2 young men have decided to turn their graduation party into a fundraising event. And our fundraiser campaigns are always so much fun!! Check out our site if in doubt
Date: 04;06;16
Start Time 3;00pm
Venue; 21A Suvla Str, A1C 4Z2 St John's NL
Activities; Barbecue, Nigerian Jollof Rice, Indian Curries, Games, Music, Fundraising & More Food!!

You are invited!!

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