Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ellys Thoughts..The Stubbornness Of The Status Quo!

I just read this from the american journal, and marveled at the ratios. Its amazing though when the population of women to men is more..... Anyways you read too.

"At the six largest U.S. banks by asset size, just 12 of the 82 people who comprise the executive teams are women. Beth Mooney became the first female CEO of a top-25 U.S. bank and a number of women have reached the top management tier of large foreign banks with operations here like Irene Dorner, the CEO of HSBC USA, who was this year's Most Powerful Woman in Banking".

"Women and men enter the banking business in roughly equal numbers and get promoted to mid-management at nearly the same pace. But fewer women clear that next rung, into senior management, and only a tiny fraction have an office in the C-Suite."(American Banker)

"There is only one woman on the executive team at JPMorgan Chase, at Citigroup, at PNC, at Goldman Sachs and at Morgan Stanley. Two women have cracked that barrier at USBank."

I am not of the opinion, that there should be stiff competition in life, the sky is really too wide for two birds to clash but I believe we should do our best and not settle for Mediocrity.

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