Thursday, 16 May 2013

Future View

I attended a workshop at the London School Of  Economics Yesterday, and I got so much inspiration listening to John Ayton speak(CEO of a luxury brand links of London)
Most times we spend the major part of our lives complaining about the jobs we do, the managerial styles of the corporations we work for, the career progression patterns etc. And yes its understandable, you spend the most of your life working for an organisation, that determines your income, life style, location and even when and how long you rest. In fact your life is literally programmed by the organisation you work for. And what happens if one day in your mid years, they decide they no longer need your services? Remember no one is indispensable, or what if you carry on working for the organisation and complaining all the way till retirement and you have not learned anything else?

John Ayton said "To get the best job in the world, I had to create it myself".
I have parents who have worked for  a good part of their lives, until they decided to start their own business and if you ask me, its one of the best decisions they have ever made, other than staying married lol!. And my dad always reminds me up till today that as long as you work for others, you can only progress to a certain level, but when you work for yourself, you shoot the stars, and the good thing about the sky is that, it is too wide for two birds to clash.

The best time to start thinking of retirement however is before  the boss does so! Yes
Its not about retiring most times, but for a majority of people not having what to retire to is the dreaded cancer. Having so much time in your hands and no cheese to play around with.
While my parents peers are thinking of retirement, my parents are actually employing individuals who are retired but not tired. You know why?  Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did.  ~Malcolm Forbes

The time to think of the future is now, the time to bring that business idea to reality is now, because the longer you wait, the more you have to loose.

Now off the records some of you have requested to see what I looked like after I spoke about the blazers on the previous post and I promised you some pics, so here they are

Yea you can always embellish your blazers with a scarf. 

Like I said in the previous post, look out for the sleeves (patch elbows etc), the length,even the style of the pockets, (the unisex trend is the double slit pockets on one side and a single slit on the other) the colour depending on the occasion/time of the day.

Yea I blazed it all the way lol!, I ll leave the rest for the fashion blogs. Got any contributions? E mail or drop a comment.

 And remember, "Don't simply retire from something; have something to retire to".  ~Harry Emerson Fosdick


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