Tuesday, 1 April 2014


It is the 1st of April, and in some countries, this marks the beginning of a new financial year with most companies opening their doors to recruitment of new staff. I came across this article however and I know it will be of immense benefit to some. Have a beautiful month guys.....

Often, when job seekers try to sell themselves to potential employers, they load their C.V.s with vague claims that are transparent to recruiting managers, according to Scott Bennett, author of "The Elements of Resume Style" (published by AMACOM). By contrast, the most successful job seekers avoid these vague phrases on their C.V.s in favour of accomplishments.

Instead of making empty claims to demonstrate your work ethic, use brief, specific examples to demonstrate your skills. In other words, show, don't tell.

Bennett offers these examples:

Instead of... "Experience working in fast-paced environment"
Try... "Registered 120+ third-shift accident and emergency patients per night"

Instead of... "Excellent written communication skills"
Try... "Wrote jargon-free User Guide for 11,000 users"

Instead of... "Team player with cross-functional awareness"
Try... "Collaborated with clients, the Accounts Receivable Department and Sales to increase speed of receivables and prevent interruption of service to clients."

Instead of... "Demonstrated success in analysing client needs"
Try... "Created and implemented comprehensive needs assessment mechanism to help forecast demand for services and staffing."

The worst offenders
It’s good to be hard-working and ambitious, right? The recruiting manager won't be convinced if you can't provide solid examples to back up your claims. Bennett suggests being extremely careful before using these nice-sounding but empty words in your C.V.
·  Aggressive
·  Ambitious
·  Competent
·  Creative
·  Detail-oriented
·  Determined
·  Efficient
·  Experienced
·  Flexible
·  Goal-oriented
·  Hard-working
·  Independent
·  Innovative
·  Knowledgeable
·  Logical
·  Motivated
·  Meticulous
·  People person
·  Professional
·  Reliable
·  Resourceful
·  Self-motivated
·  Successful
·  Team player

·  Well-organised

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