Sunday, 20 April 2014

God OR Jesus??

I was out with a couple friends on Good Friday, and at the famous Trafalgar square, there was a show which featured the essence of Easter. As we walked around the square, we noticed this caucasian lady, who was apparently bumping into these two black young men. The sight was actually funny and caught our attention and as we stopped to observe the whole drama, I realised that one of the young men had a life tortoise culped in his hands and at that I said to myself, okay! shes probably intrigued by the sight of the creature. But as I turned to leave I heard her say to them Jesus is the son of God, to which one of the men replied, we believe in only one God and the woman goes okayyyyy, I see you are not christian, you are definitely.... and she calls a different religion. The young men however keep arguing that they believe in only one God and at that point I shake my head and smile as I walk away with my people.

It again brings the message home that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. In fact He is the only way. Easter wouldnt be complete without Christ. On the cross we see Gods love personified, we see His patience, His humility, His forgiveness, His understanding of human frailty when He cries out"Father why has thou forsaken me", we see his non-judgmental attitude when He forgives the sinner beside Him on the cross, the extent of His love, when He cries out "Father forgive them for they know not what they do", and His power over death and the enemy when He finally says "It is FINISHED". Indeed GOD so loved, the world JOHN3:16 and Jesus is the proof of His love. Easter eggs, turkeys, pancakes, roasts,wines etc do not depict the real meaning of Easter. The sole purpose of Easter is to reconcile men to God..... Do you know JESUS??  

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