Monday, 9 May 2016

Essentials!!! Fort McMurray

For the past couple days, we have seen the devastation in Fort McMurray, And I cant help but put myself in their shoes and imagine the pain, anguish, confusion and fear these individuals must be going through. I pray God helps them all through this difficult time.

Is it not mind-boggling that we work so hard to have a good life, we build comfortable houses, acquire the best gadgets, get ourselves choice cars and at the end, 2 things happen. We either die and leave all of these behind or they are destroyed/damaged and just like in the case of Fort McMurray, they are consumed in flames in a matter of minutes. Before our very eyes, all the hard-work, the overtime accrued, the missed vacations, the missed family times just dwindles??

I listened to one of the top government officials yesterday, and he says "I was born in this neighbourhood, grew up in this neighbourhood but I have watched my house get consumed in flames, years of hard-work, sacrifices, memories all lost. But in the end, they are all things and we will work hard and have it replaced. Last year I lost a child and it cant be compared with this case, its just possessions which we lost and  will be replaced by hard-work. And really the memories live in our heart and cannot be forgotten". In all though, God be praised that with a fire of this magnitude, no life has been lost.

Which brings me to the question, When faced with a life and death situation, what will really matter?? Get your priorities right! make the right choices! Nothing is forever! ETERNITY however is forever!!! Are you ready?

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