Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Entrepreneur Minds...

Sometimes in the path to our dream, we pause to question ourselves. I have realised that 'OUR' response to the questions we ask, determines to a large extent if we press our foot harder on the accelerator or if we change our gears to reverse or just decide to altogether park.

Recently I took on a new role in an entirely different field which is actually geared towards the bigger picture as the decision towards being an entrepreneur is almost here. However one of these evenings as I got in and collapsed on my sofa,  I asked myself "Elly are you sure this role is for you"?

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At that point, I just heard a voice say, its not about the job being for you or not, its about what you need to learn and how quick you have to learn it. Instantly, that changed my perception because really I need all the training I can get from this new role, if I want to be successful at running mine in the future. We give up too early most times, but IMPLEMENTATION can be easy if we have subjected ourselves to learn all that we can.

The word for today is Learn! Learn!! & just keep Learning!


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