Thursday, 26 September 2013

Bitter Vs Better

We all go through situations in life, that keep us on our feet, regardless of the faith we profess or the personalities we have tried to build over the years. Some people have the misconception that if you are a christian, you shouldnt be shaken by situations, but be mindful because that is actually most times in our head and not in reality. At some point, when the disciples heard all that Jesus had to say, they where really overwhelmed and all they could utter was "Lord increase our faith". They said this because at that point, the Lords approach to lifes issues seemed so surreal. During the agonising times before the death of Jesus, He prayed that if it was possible the cup, should pass Him by, but the final clause that showed brokenness was when He added "Not my will, but thine be done". Now that is the language of true christianity.

We view bitter experiences as the forces of hell, set loose against us. But in reality,our greatest learning most times is when we are stretched. That difficult experience should make us better and not bitter. It takes quite some work however to achieve this most of the time. This same time last year, I went through a very difficult time in my life, we all go through those times when all the wrong things seem to be happening at the same time. From relationships, to finances, to career, relocation needs, you name it. Its just one challenge after another. But at this point, the word I held unto was Lord increase my faith and give me the grace not to make a permanent decision based on a temporary situation. And to that prayer He answered.

Few weeks ago, I met a lady through some other friend of mine at a party and in my regular chatty self I got talking with this lady, and thereafter there were a couple meetings. One of the days however, she had lunch at mine and we spent the day as she told me a lot about herself and her present situation. She didnt need my help actually, she just needed a listening ear. But as she left my place, I wasnt at peace within myself. I said a prayer for her but that wasnt enough. Yea sometimes prayer alone is not enough as we need to stretch out our hands in compassion. I picked up my phone a few days after and invited her over. I told her " I was in exactly the same mess last year and even worse, but God sent people I never knew to help, and today God has sent me to help you too. When I told her all I was going to do for her, she was in awe and could only cry.

I strongly believe God allows us go through certain situations, so that we can encourage others when they go through the same pain. The pain should make us better and not bitter.Only then can we influence lives as we speak and encourage with passion.

Going through a difficult time? Be encouraged, it will pass. Ps84;11 says He cant withold anything good from those who love Him. Isa26: 3 also says He will keep us in perfect peace, that is the peace that surpasses all understanding. Remember too, that when you have gone through successfully, hold the door open for others to go through and do not shut the doors of your heart/hands in a cold manner to their faces.

True greatness is found in humility, but pride is the malignant cancer destroying men. True fulfillment comes from fulfilling others.

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