Saturday, 8 April 2017

The phone booth book shelf

I would have been living in my present flat for just about a year  in a couple weeks. Anytime I walk down, drive down, go for groceries etc I always pass this phone booth. Its just about 5 mins walk from mine actually and with such close proximity I get to see it almost on a daily basis. Some times I see people drop books in it, take books from it, stop to take a few pictures or just stop & stare at it for a few seconds. Living in this area however, I have never done any of that. Like seriously??😞
The gym I use is about 1 mile from mine and it takes me about 20 mins to walk to the gym. On my way back today I decided to stop by and have a look and I even picked up a book! Yay!! lol!

Some people live their lives complaining of every single thing. They complain of  the pressures of living in a big city, the government, taxes, immigration, racism, cuts, redundancies and it just goes on. I live in a big city, so fast paced and I have been to several cities quite chilled and easy but you know what? I am enjoying my present state, enjoying the benefits that come with living in a big city, I get hurt when those taxes come out of my account, when the bills come through the door but you know what? I don't think about it for too long. Its a choice! And as I took the book from the phone booth today, I am again thankful for living in a big city. If tomorrow comes and my situation changes and I have to move, I will still enjoy it. Its a decision! 😊.

Have any comments about your city? Please share...


  1. That book is a good read. nice color combo of nails & running shoes.

    1. Lol! @ Anonymous 09:18, I just realised the matching colour of my nails & shoes after I was done with the post and I actually felt someone was going to call it out and my instincts didnt fail me hahaha. I have not started the book as I have been busy but due to your recommendation, I am so pumped to start. Thanks for dropping a comment!


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