Sunday, 20 November 2016

I'm not your friend, kid!

First time I heard a parent refer to her child who was under ten as her best friend, I actually thought it was a typo. However every now and again I keep seeing parents referring to their really young children as best friends. I had a conversation with a lady from a different race and she told me I quote "My kids know I am not their 'mate', they know I am there for them and they feel secure to share absolutely everything they are going through with me. However they know I am 'Mum' not 'Mate'. Its really funny that you might be in your 20s, 30s or even 40s and you refer to 5,8, or even 10 year old as your best friend! Like seriously?? Then some even call their parents by their first names, my mum sees nothing wrong in it, funny enough she actually likes it. However any child of mine that refers to me as 'Elly' will see different shades of lightning before they are done lol. I could be that traditional and for Pete's sake 'Mom'is just three letters hahaha(save calling mommy for the grandparents) Well good thing I stumbled on Kristina Kuzmic as she equally shares same views as me. Careful though, she does this crazy thing at the end of the video. Hahaha

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