Saturday, 26 November 2016

Today's Reminder...

Intelligence is really a big turn on for me, and when its combined with humility, Oh My! I could let the individual get away with murder hahaha. Hehehe just kidding, my personality has zero tolerance for BS but I am intentionally training myself to be a bit more patient with people for the sole purpose that things are not always as it seems at first and most importantly, we never understand it all because we will never have all the details because we are human. Anyways really getting inspired listening to a smart successful man and what he said is summed up in the pic I created. You have a vision? Nurture it, consistently develop it, sell it, and most importantly give it time.... It will fall in place. I am not there yet but I can see that it really works and already reaping the benefit. But I am not stopping, I am going all out for the kill! Are you Living or just Existing?

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